Water truck intercepted, robbed in broad daylight

first_imgTwo armed men executed a daring daylight robbery on a mobile water truck belonging to Krisna Balram at Onderneeming Public Road, Essequibo Coast on Saturday.One of the trucks that were robbed on SaturdayBased on reports received, the driver of the truck, who is also the owner’s son, was distributing water in a stretch off the main road in Onderneeming when he was intercepted by the two men who placed a wood across the roadway. The men were reportedly masked, with one carrying a handgun and the other a cutlass.The gunman, according to reports, held the 25-year-old driver at gunpoint and demanded that he hand over the money. With some resistance, the two armed men relieved the man of 50,000 in cash which he had in his pants pocket.They also took away the man’s mobile phone and attempted to damage same. The men then made good their escape. The young man reportedly picked up the phone and managed to place a call to his father, who in turn contacted the police.The police arrived at the scene, combed the area but were not successful in making an arrest. Investigations are ongoing.Only recently, Dalchand’s Gas Station in Anna Regina was broken into and robbed. Although, the bandit was caught on surveillance footage, he is yet to be identified.last_img read more

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