Raunaks journey to stardom

first_imgYouTube has become a major career option for people around the globe. You can come across a number of Youtube channels and their videos exploring different kinds of content – Food, Lifestyle, Comedy, and much more.One such channel known for its comic videos is ‘Aashqeen’ – run by Aashqeen himself .After becoming a Youtube sensation with his iconic videos like Inteqam, The Interview, Aashqeen meets Sapna, Never Judge Too Quickly among others, the Youtuber recently launched his own web series titled ‘Superstar: The Chantlaunda’. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe 3-episode series revolves around the journey of a commoner (Raunak). It delves deep into his life and shows Raunak’s struggle of becoming a popular Youtuber from a nobody, how he discovers his passion to make funny videos, from where he seeks motivation, how he manages to gather the resources to fulfill his dream and much more. Read what he has to share about the new series, Youtube career, challenges, and a lot more. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive Is the series inspired by your personal life? What all phases of life/career have you added in it? Absolutely, it is. This story is a bit personal to me. However, it is not just related to my personal life, but also other YouTubers and people perusing the same career. I think this is going to be relatable for all the YouTubers who have struggled to achieve something in life As every other person is becoming famous with platforms like YouTube, TikTok, etc, how difficult is it to bring up something new for the audience? I agree that the competition is much more now. But not everyone is becoming famous. I believe they have some talent in them, which is why they are gaining popularity. Even if I talk about myself, I also struggle every day to showcase my talent, my creativity and come up with something unique for my channel. Good things never come easy, and even in this field, there are different types of struggles. The primary demand we all are trying to meet is that of ‘content’. Getting something out of the box is very important as with the increasing competition, we have to put in a lot of efforts. It is because there’s someone else who offers the same content to the audience. How is YouTube, TikTok, Instagram as a full-time career option? Speaking about the career option, I didn’t know because I didn’t plan it with that perspective. It was my inner voice which told me to walk on this path. As I continued, it started becoming fun and enjoyable. But even then, I wasn’t certain that it’ll be my career. Slowly as things settled, I thought to take this professionally. Today, if someone asks me about it as a career option, I would suggest them to start it in a laid back manner. If they expect to enjoy fandom from the first video itself, it might not always work. Everything takes times, so don’t expect a lot. How does it feel to be famous? Does the stardom hamper your personal life in any way? It actually feels great when people recognise you and your work and come to congratulate for the same. Even in personal life, I think people treat me in a better way. Obviously, there is a certain downside to it too. Sometimes, it becomes problematic during the shoot – people interrupt to meet. Are you planning any collaborations? I have done a few collaborations with in the past. Even in the latest series, you can see one major YouTuber. For the future, I am working out on some collaborations.last_img read more

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