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first_imgThe Saint Mary’s Senate discussed the College’s upcoming Food Week and issues with parking at its meeting Tuesday. Food Services co-chair Katie Stare said director of dining hall services Barry Bowles will hold an informal question-and-answer event in conference rooms A, B and C in the Student Center. “Next Wednesday during lunch, from 12 to 1 p.m., Barry is going to be available for questions regarding any food services,” Stare said. “The Dining Hall, Munch Money, the co-exchange program, cyber café, any suggestions you have for food that you want and questions about hours, you can go and ask him.” Senior Hannah Mudd raised the issue of parking. “Especially as a senior, parking just seems to get worse and worse, and I don’t know how many countless times I’ve heard people talk and complain or want to change something about parking,” she said. Mudd said she felt there was a lack of clarity on where parking was allowed and there was limited parking close to residence halls.   “When you are trying to come back and get something done really quick but you have no close amenities to you to allow for that to happen, because the trolley isn’t fast enough, and if you have your car you are still far enough away … it just doesn’t allow you to be productive,” she said. Student body president Kat Sullivan said the College might not realize the prevalence of parking complaints. “They might not know the complaints, outside of people just getting angry and walking, saying ‘Why did I get this ticket?,’” Sullivan said. “If we actually do something in the correct way as an administration, that’s the best way to move forward. And if they say there is nothing we can do, at least we tried.” Sullivan and the Senate appointed senators Chelsea Fordon and Chloe Deranek to follow up with Vice President for Student Affairs Karen Johnson about students’ concerns.   Contact Kiera Johnsen at [email protected]last_img

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