As retail stores reopen, parents and business owners focus on safety

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first_img“As everything reopens everybody still has to remember that there is a virus out there any everybody has to be careful about what they do and how they expose themselves,” she said. “There are kids out there like Jeremiah who are high risk.” For Amanda Button, she says she misses trips to the store and dinners at Denny’s with her son, but for now they are continuing to be cautious. She says she hopes others will think of kids like her son, and do the same. “He misses shopping a lot. He used to go to the Walmart and pick out his toys but now everything has to be done online for him,” she says. “We don’t take Jeremiah out at all because we’re scared of the consequences if we do.” Nicole DeMilto of Conklin says while she occasional brings her baby out shopping, she has concerns when it comes to shoppers maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. “I think for a long time we’re going to stay home and just kind of ride it out and let it fizzle out a little bit,” she said. “As you can see when you walk into the store you can see we have a sign on the door that says face mask is required,” he said adding that customers aren’t allowed to try on clothing as a precaution. Amanda Button is a mother raising her son in Binghamton. Her son Jeremiah is living with cerebral palsy and she says bringing him to a store during the pandemic is not an option. For many parents like Jamie Brink of Endicott, she isn’t quite ready to bring her young children out to the store just yet. (WBNG) — While retail stores are beginning to open their doors across the Southern Tier as part of phase 2, some local parents still have concerns about bringing their kids out shopping during the pandemic. Right down the street at Dayseon’s Apparel, Jemini Gowdy says his store is also going out of their way to keep customers safe. “Unfortunately I have to bring the baby in with me I don’t have very many people to watch the baby and that’s concerning too,” she said. “It’s kind of like I have to put myself at risk and now you’re putting me at risk too cause you don’t want to wear a mask,” she said. Understanding such concerns, many local stores are taking steps to keep their customers safe. “When people enter the store they have to have a mask on,” said Tom Kelleher, owner of Tom’s Coffee, Cards, and Gifts. “We do have masks to give to people if they don’t have one, we also have a sanitizing station with free masks, disposable gloves and alcohol wipes.”last_img

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