Reality dating show Naked Attraction given the all clear to lay bare on NZ television

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first_imgNZ Herald 5 April 2018Family First Comment: Time to scrap the BSA.A reality dating show that features nudity has been given the seal of approval from the Broadcasting Standards Authority.Two episodes of Naked Attraction aired in New Zealand in October and November last year and subsequently 13 people complained to the BSA.The show involves a clothed person choosing a date from six naked people, whose naked bodies are gradually revealed in stages from the feet up. The nudity was not blurred or pixelated in the episodes broadcast.Viewers argued the programme should not have been allowed to air because of the high level of full-frontal nudity and sexual discussion.National Director of Family First NZ Bob McCoskrie was stunned by the BSA’s decision, stating it had “become de-sensitised to what are community standards”.“This decision was a litmus test of whether families can rely on the watchdog to act in the best interests of families and society in general or whether broadcasters have free reign to push the boundaries as far as they want. The broadcasters have won and families have received notice,” he said.“This is all part of the ‘pornification’ of our culture led by broadcasters and advertisers, with the watchdog asleep at the wheel.“Family First was swamped with complaints from families after the broadcasts of Naked Attraction, including medical professionals, horrified by how the standards of free-to-air television have hit rock bottom because of this show.”McCoskrie said the show degrades human relationships to animalistic instinct, and promotes voyeurism and a porn culture.He said a number of advertisers have asked for their advertising to be removed from the programme after being contacted by supporters of Family First.READ MORE:

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