Nothing is in favour of any kind of sport, forget IPL: BBCI President Sourav Ganguly

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first_imgNew Delhi: The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly admitted that the chances of the 2020 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) starting any time soon is bleak.Ganguly said that he will be able to give a concrete update on whether the IPL will be further deferred after speaking to BCCI office-bearers. “But practically speaking, when life has come to a standstill everywhere in the world, where does sport have a future in this,” he told the New Indian Express.“We keep monitoring developments. At the present moment, we can’t say anything. And what is there to say anyway? Airports are shut, people are stuck at home, offices are locked down, nobody can go anywhere. And it seems this is how it’s going to be till the middle of May,” said Sourav Ganguly.“Where will you get players from, where do players travel. It’s just simple common sense that at the moment, nothing is in favour of any kind of sport anywhere in the world, forget IPL.”Also read: International Olympic Committee President’s Japan visit cancelled due to coronavirusAlso watch: Coronavirus Preventive Measures: Dr. Navanil Barua in exclusive interview with The Sentinel Digitallast_img

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