Woman outlines alleged sexual harassment by Cal football players, coaches

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first_imgThe woman, who the Chronicle did not identify because she may be a victim of sexual assault, indicated she would receive “creepy” messages from coaches and players and she said in her post that one anonymous coach told her: “I will get you fired if you do not have sex with me.”She said that comment came the day after the coach invited her to his office at the team’s football stadium while she was “under the influence, and not legally in a state of mind to be consenting to sex” and  repeatedly kissed her and pushed her against a wall before she was able to leave. She also wrote, in part: “One day after practice, I realized (one coach) was following me home, as he was supposed to be going in the opposite direction, but was keeping a close pace behind me before he caught up to me outside my front door. He asked me what I was doing that weekend, and that we should go to the pool, because ‘I would look amazing in a bikini.’ This coach is still employed by Cal football, just to make that clear.” A woman is accusing University of California football players and coaches of sexual harassment. A former Cal student who worked last season for the football team’s sports medicine department outlined the alleged abuse in a Facebook post Wednesday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. She revealed that in March 2018 she had “medically withdrawn from school, seeking intensive therapy and psychiatry for the post traumatic stress syndrome and anxiety” that she says she suffered after allegedly being verbally and physically harassed. The university released a statement Wednesday, acknowledging the allegations.“We are aware of the very disturbing public allegations made on social media,” a statement released by Cal Athletics said, in part. “These allegations go against the very core of our values. … Cal Athletics is and will always be committed to fostering a culture where everyone feels safe, welcome and respected.“While we can discuss our process for handling these matters, we generally cannot address any specific case. Allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment by campus employees are confidential unless officials determine policy is violated, and disciplinary action has been decided. Such allegations against students remain private regardless of the outcome, under UC policy and federal law regarding student records.”last_img

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