Shanghai Longfeng optimization and user experience which one you prefer

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so, technology and user experience are the 2 things that cannot be mention in the same breath. The www.wxlinli贵族宝贝 user experience is very important, but the internal structure of the web page is not good, some Kung Fu Shanghai Longfeng failed, resulting in no flow of words, no users have no experience. For a web site, Shanghai dragon like many other promotion mode, is just a tool to get traffic, but compared to other more powerful tools. The user of a website, can be called.

so we decided in the website users still focuses on technology, must give to their own site location: we do is brand, or the promotion of new products; to be a celebrity, or anonymous personal promotion; and we also analysis the function of the website that we want is to visit or repeat; the station is entertaining, or information; picture or text station, station etc..

first, why should we pay attention to the user experience? Because the site is easy to read, whether for users to find the information they need, is the absolute factor this site can be loyal users, is also called back. Wuxi wedding photography, but all of the user experience based on the user has come down! If people didn’t come from the user experience how to talk to

if we are brand, is a celebrity, naturally do not have search technology, the user experience has become the priority among priorities of us. But for the promotion of new products, personally, although the user experience is still important, but we are not the absolute key, as long as some of the basic in place is good. Our focus is on how to allow more users to find us, so that we have. The promotion of technology of went up first, and reached a stable flow to some extent, we can say, we should pay attention to the user experience, because the bounce rate for Shanghai dragon theory, is also a very important ranking factor. However, this does not mean that the flow is not going to pay attention to the user experience, but as long as the basic place is good, no need to spend time every day, the carp consider the user’s thoughts, until the daily exposure rate and relatively stable, to do these details of Kung Fu is not too late. If users do not have to consider, how can we take? What to refer to? How to know the user experience on earth?

Abstract: recently read an article "Lou loose first user, not the technology", the article is very well written, from a practical point of view of the user and revealed all the truth is. Although the user first absolutely right, but this should be a specific analysis according to the location of the site and function planning, sometimes do not for the user, but the conversion rate. Once the site is located for flow station, technology will be higher than the user dominant, because it just as a transit, let more users access through the Shanghai dragon means, and guide them to reach the final destination, such as navigation station, Taobao station, advertising promotion, passenger station etc..


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