To reduce the 9 bounce rate method

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3. mobile phone version of the websiteThe use of

website bounce rate to a certain extent on the user experience level, whether the site is attractive to users, search engine is one of the important factors to the rating of the website. Our Shanghai dragon industry fast row, a lot of people quickly by clicking on the rankings, but a few days later ranking fell back, website bounce rate is high, the low degree of user experience is one of the important reasons.

because of compatibility issues, web site will encounter open layout disorder even garbled in some browsers, testing time in different browsers and different versions of the browser on the common when necessary.

, a website analysis causes a high bounce rate.The

then website bounce rate how much? In different industries and different types of Web sites and even different with web pages out of the rate difference is very big, not a unified standard, a reference family than Xiao Ke think: 1%~35% user experience is high, 35%~80% user experience of 80%~100% medium, low degree of user experience. If a high bounce rate to do?


reduce the rate of jump out of the site


then the high traffic monitoring page types, analysis of the thermodynamic diagram, know where users click on the page, and these places can meet the needs of users, whether we want to show to the user of the core, and the page content, structural adjustment, improve the user experience.

analysis tool, Xiao Ke’s first love Shanghai statistical tools. In Shanghai love statistical tools, we can jump out rate, comparative analysis of different traffic sources different types of respondents page out rate, new and old visitors, different visitors bounce rate bounce rate, so that the possible reasons for the high rate of lead out.

users open time on page for more than 3 seconds, will leave the access page, so the website open speed for web site jump out rate has a great influence. This is in addition to a good server, optimization of the site itself is also very important, such as whether the site has to do is compression, page JS code, using CSS style external call form, whether to streamline the code, reduce redundant code, single page size is less than 200KB.

Optimization of

1. to improve the site open speed

Most of the 9 website jump out rate


browser compatibility check

mobile phone love Shanghai has more than PC version of love Shanghai, if you visit the PC website traffic is higher than the original user or mobile terminal users, then chances are you website mobile phone version does not match or not optimization, not even do the layout of mobile phone, it will be a great loss to you (the special site except). As we all know, mobile phone love >


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