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improvement for the website needs to adjust for the site of the target population were analyzed, then the design details on the site on the appropriate improvements, such as web design style, color collocation, page layout, page size, picture display, font size, site LOGO space, to achieve the purpose is, when a user into the site, can clear your site is what, he can get what valuable things on your website, this is the key.

browsing experience


two, interactive experience to improve

, a sensory experience to improve

browsing experience is the user can be attracted to the content of the website, see the content on the site column if it is easy to let them find looking for things, part of the division is clear, the size of the text in the content page, text layout is suitable for them to read, there is left or right if there is a related article >

is the main emotional experience and interaction and exchange of user psychology, customer service as one kind of feedback of the user’s usage, user login prompt a website, user friendly reminder of each step in the mail greetings and website to do online activities to interact with users and so on, are the range of user experience. We can make this improvement according to the type of your site.

interactive experience is presented to the user operation experience, emphasize the ease / availability. Such as login, registration, form a complete submission, online search, online questions, feedback all the user clicks on the website or the use of the keyboard input are interactive experience, users of these movements made them feel is whether they choose to reason your site, and your website user experience to do well and sign not good. The Internet

improve the registration and submit the form to the user input process as simple as possible and easy to use, the operation mistake error message or the time required to provide effective solutions, providing a platform to communicate with users allows users to timely feedback and so on.


three, emotional experience and improved

with 6.28 love Shanghai K station, heard countless stationmaster in each big forum sigh "the chain for emperor" the era of the past, while continuing to emphasize the "user experience" of the term, many owners have been visible to the user experience of the term attention. But many webmaster to improve the user experience more confused, for the website how to conduct specific user experience improvement is not a good solution, the United States said recently on the user experience some webmaster experience, today and communicate with you, hope to be useful to the webmaster.

four, the improvement of

sensory experience is the most direct experience in the user experience, the user is presented to audio-visual experience on the site of comfort is the key, the user first saw your feelings, basis to determine whether the user continue to browse the website.

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