Wang Wei left potatoes after nearly forty years once wanted to have nothing to do with the nternet

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for start-ups, it’s wrong to hire "smart" engineering talent.

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"after 12 years of fully entrepreneurial lifestyle, I haven’t had enough time to think enough about this venture.". As the pressures gathered and burned me down, I didn’t have enough time to think about the details of the team and the resources needed." Benson said, "I have a great idea. I hope nobody can do it before I do it."."


CEO post tudou "retired", so it is with Wang Wei, that year he was nearly forty, financial freedom, no matter near the body, traveling around the world, "lying there every day, the sun was there, look at the book there.". But in Thailand, Bangkok The Grand Palace, two tall stone Buddha and made him "moving", they are in the southeast that high color saturation of buildings is violated, seems to be still sad, "now this time, so I don’t believe in God, what about immortals? It is across the sea like the two immortals bluestone statue to a place?" he was in a trance. The potatoes and Youku merger, at the age of 38, he suddenly "nothing", he considered a bodiless lacquerware in France to buy a winery brewing wine, a furniture factory or home in Fujian, and all the Internet has no relationship.

From August 2012

left tudou, Wang Wei is eager to do something that can make people "moving" things, even if only a small sculpture, but many years later, people get up and have a look: "Art! Art, it is art! Can old things, rather than get up and have a look, ah a piece of gold. "He said with a smile. Perhaps because of this reason, decided to start the second venture, Wang Wei chose the animated film, today he still remember 20 years ago in the United States at the end of Picks’s "cars" that has been deeply moved by the feeling, he felt that the animation is that people can move a "heart" >

"I feel a little sad, feel painstaking do so many things, it was born out of date, then I do not want to do so many years in potatoes, finally in the end what to stay. "

Tudou was founded by Wang Wei, who worked there for 7 years as CEO, making it one of the most valuable video sites in China with a market capitalization of $822 million. Wang Wei personally wrote the first version of the potato network code, but now he feels nothing, in the past few years, the Internet replacement, but also some people know and care about the first version of Tudou is what kind of?

"I spent a lot of time interviewing senior engineers, some questions in interviews, and even I didn’t know what the answer was." He said, "when I get to the recruitment according to their own limited external advice, I feel your heart," I doubt love this man? I could work with him? They’re so smart.

Abstract: potatoes and Youku merger, at the age of 38, he suddenly "nothing", he considered a bodiless lacquerware in France to buy a winery brewing wine, a furniture factory or home in Fujian, and all the Internet has no relationship.

in the initial stage, the recruitment of personnel is an extremely challenging thing, entrepreneurs often invest too much in the highly paid senior engineers, but the engineers are not necessarily suitable for early entrepreneurial environment of people. Non technical founder in the recruitment of technical staff need to be especially careful, those in the resume of the candidates as if it were raining flowers to make efforts to review, can even invite external engineering experts or consultants to interview them. Benson not only does not have his own technical background, but also the place where he started his business is far away from his hometown of Losangeles. Benson is not a native of Losangeles, so he doesn’t have very good connections to find good engineers.

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made an important decision, Mr. Wang Wei often appear a wobbly, have never been heard of since the state. At the age of 18, he often skipped classes and didn’t go to college. He hung around all day, until one day, in his hometown of Fuzhou, he suddenly felt "moving." "it seems boring here. I’m going to America.".



Benson sold his company eCrush in 2007, Clark faced two choices: he could take a vacation or start his own fifth company – Ranker. Ranker is a crowdsourcing evaluation site that allows users to evaluate everything on the site, such as movies, athletes, and so on. Benson chose the latter for his own pressure. In his words, the choice led to a great error.


Benson acknowledges that this is the first of his mistakes, but he made the mistake of being a founder with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. But now, his company Ranker has 19 million independent users per month, users think it is consumer data and evaluation content of the treasure vault, by the user’s favorite. Why make so many mistakes can achieve such success? In this exclusive interview, Benson will share 5 of the biggest mistake he ever made, he also saw the other founders in the business made the same mistakes — and how he saved the consequences of these errors.

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