How to find the detailed cross link link resources

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two days ago were written "what is the detailed cross link cross links" and "function" of cross links detailed cross links, the response is also good, some friends add my QQ and I exchange to discuss this issue. In fact, cross link is not a very difficult problem, like the early human society barter way, but we are only the exchange site. So today to share with you how to quickly and accurately find the cross link resources, presumably this is a lot of friends want to know to do cross links. How do the cross links several good method? According to the author’s own experience summed up the following points:

2. introduction and exchange of resources

cross links for a period of time, you have more or less there will be some cross links for their QQ, so they collaborate with people you are sure not worked, then you can let these people help you introduce, so that they can find some new links to resources. It is here that the exchange of resources, resources are not web resources, but the cross link staff QQ number, you can put your hands QQ number and QQ number on the hands of others, so we have achieved a new link resources, it is a win-win thing, Why not??

due to exchange Links added a lot of Links exchange QQ, so now when doing cross link exchange can also ask the link exchange staff, because many of them are full-time staff, there are many links, the station hands, and the relevance of the website is still relatively high, as long as you this is also a good resource station words can generally be changed successfully. The second is the QQ group, like the addition of 85 link exchange group, will publish their own news exchange links inside and see others released daily links to exchange messages, the effect is good. It should be noted here is to publish their own exchange messages when you remember to bring your request, I have seen a lot of people directly to the site to the group in a throw, any related parameters and requirements are not, like this link few people see. In the group for cross links have a little experience to tell you, that is in the group with many disposable hair stand and two domain names and column page are, mostly for cross links. In addition to the common link exchange group, exchange group and specifically for cross link. The link exchange success rate will be much higher in such a natural group.

cross links with fewer people, but there are still a part of the site for cross link exchange. For example, the author mentioned in the first article of the 58 city, which is a good example of cross link exchange. In addition to the 58 city and other, such as Zhongguancun online, tuba rabbit, and so on, it is not difficult to find these are large sites, because the two domain names and many pages, rely on friends.

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