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4, RSS map, is also a common platform page, called rssmap.html. The first similar site map to that we say, in RSS, it will make a list of websites, channels be arranged, generated after opening the link is corresponding to the channel list. The first map is optimized for the user, and the fourth generation of the link is corresponding to the channel list, easy to search engine optimization.

site map, is mainly for the user experience to use, also called the site map, site navigation, it is a static page, placed above the website all column or channel links. The site map can provide dual purpose: they not only for the search engine spiders to facilitate the entrance to your website all the web pages, provide a convenient entrance for visitors.

line first site map, 2, 3, 4 of all search engine spiders love site map site map will make the site very much, the architecture is relatively clear, so that the spider will not many.

2, said first Google map, usually.Xml format. Google management staff has submitted the corresponding interface, in order to quickly be noble baby included, the best way is to do a noble baby sitemap. There are too many sitemap generator online, is a good software for the Site Map Builder download, open the software, enter the target URL, click the button "Extract Links", the software began to analyze all the links of the target site, click on the end of the paper, File > > Save; map as >.> site selection to keep the map format, then save, submitted to OK through the FTP upload.

often have a lot of new Shanghai dragon ER will ask what is the site map, site map is what effect. Because they see others often at the bottom of the site with the site map, love Shanghai map, Google map and RSS map. The concept is very vague, today to explain the focus map meaning and function, and how to make the corresponding web site map.

3, again love Shanghai map, usually.Html format. In simple terms, is a link to the website all placed static pages. Before the love Shanghai did not submit sitemap entrance, only friendly to static. At present, Shanghai has opened the love Webmaster Platform, after receiving the invitation code can be submitted directly with the.Xml interface, toxace is currently in the trial, the effect is good. Test address 贵族宝贝pfzxmr贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml

advantages: the biggest advantage is that the site map in the form of XML is for the convenience of spiders to crawl and write, tell the spider, what need to be included, for spiders, more friendly.


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