Analysis of the site within the chain in website optimization three functions

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using anchor text !

A: to enhance the user experience of the website


although is a chain optimization for search engine spiders an optimization way, but mainly because of the overall planning for the site inside, so it can affect the user experience of the website, so the chain a good website, including clear network station construction, channel planning, content organic jumps and so on these are able to find and access, convenient for the user, so the chain a good website, can enhance the natural site of great experience! So as to enhance the first impression of the website, reduce the site’s jump rate, to help the website promotion weight in the search engine

now in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, webmaster friends think, the construction site outside the chain is very important, we can see from the part-time Forum on the Internet, many webmaster looking for some can be released outside the chain of part-time staff, although the major part of the construction of the chain is not a single price high, but because there is huge demand, so webmaster in the construction of the chain of investment is not high, but the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, just building construction and the content of the chain? This is not certain, in fact, the construction of the chain for the major search engines that is more and more attention to the quality and quantity requirements have been more and more low, so when we put the construction of the chain, can through targeted method, without the need to shop There, save time,

is the construction of the chain is very important, the construction of the chain of high quality is more important, but in the Shanghai dragon website optimization, the optimization of the chain is also very important, can be said that the construction of the chain as the site, why? In fact, within the chain site as the site of a link to each content net, and the home is the outline of the button of the network, and the network channel is the longitude and latitude between the web content in the chain is the site optimization, only the latitude is very smooth, can make the search engine spiders can unimpeded on the site, will let the user experience good site planning! Here I come to the important role of the chain optimization to specific sites within the


two: could promote the keywords ranking

three: enhance the spiders crawl depth, content more easily.

website chain can take the form of a variety of changes, in addition to the content on the page to jump outside, but also through the link anchor text in the article to jump, for example we can love from the Shanghai encyclopedia can see many anchor text link, the anchor text is often some keywords, actually in the chain in the site optimization also, can be optimized through the anchor text links, so as to enhance the ranking of these keywords, of course, these keywords anchor text should also pay attention to the change, should change the core from the long tail, can make the search engine was included, it may also be regarded as cheating, so the chain optimization, still need to pay attention to details of the

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