The electricity supplier website needed to use the Shanghai Dragon Technology and brand strategy

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in the stage of our job, we are ranked before. We can improve our ranking factors of Shanghai dragon with a variety of qualifications, certificates, graduation papers, etc.;

?What is the

in the stage of our work, we have been ranked. We can use the results, popularity, the relationship with the leadership of Shanghai dragon to enhance our ranking;

is discussed in this paper by combining Shanghai Dragon Technology and application of SEM method to build a brand website, and hope to explore in today’s China Internet monopoly from environment, how to use the technology to achieve the grassroots Shanghai dragon brand website. In this paper, with the electricity supplier website as an example, the reasonable operation of Shanghai Dragon Technology and SEM to build a brand website to study more ideas.


if you imagine achievement, diploma, certificate of original content, the relationship between social field into a chain, and their own self-cultivation into speech and deportment in the chain, you can understand the connotation of Shanghai dragon.

during the study period for us, we have been ranked. We can use the results, with the teacher, interest and other factors of Shanghai dragon to improve our ranking;

, what is SEM

, what is the Shanghai dragon

in fact every one of us in life are searching and ranking:

SEM, search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing) the English acronym. SEM is a new form of network marketing. SEM is a kind of pursuit of cost-effective, with minimal investment in a comprehensive and effective marketing and promotion network. To understand the principle and meaning of it is actually very simple, if you are good you to have both ability and political integrity, marketing and promotion costs will naturally decrease; on the contrary, if it is.

in the Internet business on the road, there are infinite possibilities. Whether it is original or acquisition, whether it is traffic to the website or brand website, whether you are still operating technical elite, master, or do not understand what rookie, as long as willing to learn, to insist, then there is a chance of success.

…… The other stage, other ranks.

Shanghai dragon? Everyone has their own opinion. According to the explanation, Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) English acronym. But in my opinion, Shanghai Longfeng implied true meaning should be "successful get more opportunities", namely (Successfully Earn Opportunities). Shanghai Longfeng development up to now, has not only limited to the use of technical means to obtain high ranking search results, and the more the expression of a philosophy of life and how to improve their internal (website) to build success.

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