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Layout selection and reference

layout using F type hierarchy. The head and the left as the key content, the best in the title or keywords and key sentences. This is the key to increase the density can also reflect the focus of the site content. No, the error code and clear navigation site.

2. station articles reproduced and pseudo original article, the article is not too long, can add pictures and interactive, so they can keep good rankings, unlike the same soft die.

five, website and submit website article update.

article from the 贵族宝贝lnxyw贵族宝贝 editor in

site in

2. target and analysis of the web site to choose the best keywords.

3. and then to collect related articles.

The basic

According to the website

three, the content of the article for finishing

1. the goal of infertility.

2. page using DIV+CSS design, program development again as much as possible, avoid the use of open source, open source is the main variety of search engine with locking state. The pages of size control in 100KB, reducing the Flash and JS script language, preferably not more than 80KB when using the picture, so that the web site of the open speed to ensure that your page is effective and in mainstream browser visualization.

two website1.

4. website collated directly uploaded to the web server space.

2. web site to determine the key words, male infertility, dead sperm, oligospermia and sperm liquefaction, prostatitis and female infertility.

3. competition sites. The "Tian Ji horse" way to do optimization.

1. station articles to the original first person, can objective details. Comprehensive columns such as news related information can be reproduced instantly, mainly to bring traffic.

3. submit site map.

, a target (key words)

3. Four, determine the

2. content to have the key articles and content should be placed in a conspicuous place.

1. website submitted to the major search engines to.

website design, web site keywords, add to adjust the website upload issued.

1. check the web site of the page design and web site use, can be normal use and browse.

third in finishing a good article according to the content were added to the

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