Some misunderstandings about the early new do optimization

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some friends will say, honey I love Shanghai false original article also included, in fact, is wrong, now may be included is very good, but not what these values are not readable content after an update of the search engine will be a lot of K off, and you the site is a new sites, search engines are test stage, if there is such a large number of no value of the content on the site will be search engine that is rubbish station, which may lead to the spider to your site, or by K only one home, long-term can not be restored, so I think false original article is best not to use tools to find the original best with pure manual to change, otherwise the consequences are bad, so I suggest a newly established railway station, most of the original The content, can be 2/3 of the original content, the 1/3 is reproduced.


many webmaster friends, at the beginning of the website optimization will inevitably encounter all sorts of things, especially the novice friends. In recent years, Shanghai dragon in the domestic popularity, now basically everyone has reached Shanghai Longfeng situation, basically do the friends have entered the field of Shanghai dragon, in a new building at the beginning, in order to be able to make your site to get good rankings and try to optimize the means for their own at the end of the site, some harvest, some complain, optimization errors of Shanghai Longfeng many friends into the pursuit of good rankings, here for everyone to talk about a newly established new sites for some optimization of operating errors of dragon and Phoenix Shanghai.

1, a large number of copy reprint collection on the Internet highly repetitive content, have a lot of friends just to the website, because of the lack of content, in order to let love Shanghai included some more, and went to other sites to a large number of a large number of copy, reprint articles, this is wrong, because online reprint most of the articles are highly repetitive content. Love Shanghai spider to your site when you found on the website on the Internet are innumerable, the monotony of the content, which will think your site is rubbish station, no value to the site, so as to reduce the affection on your web site, if so long, deweight the search engine will be on you the website will not come to your website. Of course, some friends will think, what this is, the false original articles. So to the Internet to download a large number of false original tools for pseudo original, here to tell you, do not use online tools to those pseudo original false original processing, because the software IQ is only 3 years old, with the software processing of the false original article you think is also a good read? The article basically became out of order, it is difficult to understand the search engine, the most attention is the user experience, these pseudo original articles were not what the readability, this article is for the user to take them to the value of the article, since there is no readability, no value, so what talk about the user experience, no user experience, what about the website ranking

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