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;Keywords Links

5, Links exchange website can find what large website home you must be gone, but there is hope two channels and columns you, first with them to exchange links, such as the weight of your site up, then consider with them for two level domain name, finally you do well with them to do home exchange is perfect. The rankings are doing it step by step, don’t worry too much, people open up column exchange, or give us these small sites opportunity myself to cherish it.


site has been Shanghai Longfeng optimization is an important part of, know now Shanghai dragon when optimization is also indispensable for our small and medium-sized enterprises outside the chain, or not famous, not the brand website, the chain promotion becomes more and more important. The website of the chain I said before, there are many ways are worth us to do. Including soft Wen (A5 submission, the owners of the home platform, iResearch column, etc.) (library, Shanghai library, Douding love road off Baba), blog (Sina, watercress), media (Sohu, daily express), light blog (everyone station), favorites, B2B platform, Links exchange. At present, before is a good hair of the chain platform, in fact each platform will have their own skills and methods, we not only need to master the skills, more to grasp the quality. Such as blog, micro-blog introduced flow chain; such as soft, reproduced in other natural platform can bring the chain. So for the Links exchange we have what skills do not know

2, the site does not have a problem. Including the site can not drop right, love Shanghai best weight, Google PR value can be neglected, they don’t want this, I don’t

4, the website Links exchange number must control, is the best day in 1, up to a day not more than 3, more trouble;

The chain

, 6 key parts of the website, exchange chain has a very good skills, such as your keywords optimization are: Shenzhen network company, then we analyze Shenzhen belong to Guangdong, you can find other Guangdong local network company website, with the city’s website, while the keywords of these sites (for example, Guangzhou network company) in Shanghai love home, with the ranking on the home page of the website Links exchange, exchange and so on, over, with nearby provinces exchange Links, such as Fujian, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other network company in exchange for Links, so it is efficient to improve your keywords ranking, turn >

3, the rank of the website and you want to exchange, can not have too much deviation, a keyword ranking in the home page, a keyword ranking in 100+, that is not good;

Links exchange technique

1, the first site is sure to find the correlation is very strong, the more the better, such as you do it for the seedlings, seedlings, vegetation, trees and flowers Links exchange sites;

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