The website should choose which type of building effective chain platform

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1, selection of classified information network must have the type of small building materials classification.

with the development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon industry is well known in the continuous, from an ordinary company to a small and medium-sized enterprises in the use of Shanghai dragon to optimize the site, the Shanghai dragon as can be imagined has been valued by the enterprise, recently, the author has been responsible for the optimization of building materials type enterprise website, from structure optimization to page optimization to content to optimize the construction of the chain of this, the author summed up a lot of experience, but the love for the foreign chain Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm let the author optimization ideas appeared after the short circuit, with some fellow webmasters exchange and the actual combat, found on the website of building materials the effect is good, and then summed up the four foreign chain construction of useful methods, types of building materials here by the author of the webmaster to you under the building site The website should choose what kind of effective outside chain platform.

first choice for classification of information network. The classification of information network has been the chain platform enterprise owners love to do, the chain effect of this kind of platform is good, hurry up, like a list of network, 58 city classified information network, if the webmaster to release the chain effect in this kind of website is good, according to the author’s experience, in the list of online release a product and industry, targeted in this paper is the second, page ranking is also very good, if in the long tail to write more, users can search through the long tail words to find the article, so the author thinks that building type site can choose according to the classification of information network the.

3, select the category information network to select high weight website.

two, select the targeted B2B site

For example: the

, a selection of targeted classification information website

4, select the option to city classification category page weight high, such as Beijing, Shanghai and other regions.

is the radiator enterprise website, choose a relatively high weight of the 58 city in the chain, the weight of the 58 city is still relatively high, but after tests included fast high ranking effect is obvious, and the article is released to the classification of decoration, the telephone, QQ the domain name, take out, and then in with a few pictures, these sites generally do not need to audit so you can see after the release of information, wait a moment, or the next day you can see the view is included.

2, released to the contents and building materials products are relevant and targeted.

then classified information in the web site outside the chain building materials should pay attention to four points:

second, select the targeted B2B site. I think it is on the B2B platform building sites are most for the chain of the platform, to consider from the user’s point of view, common user B2B platform to buy radiators and other types of products.

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