Optimization of user trust business under the credit crisis

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trust is optimized to enhance trust website through certain methods, such as some of the blog can have some commercial value through marketing, but inflows over the flow of this type is that blog sites produce obvious feeling of distrust, more of the bloggers recommended to sell products is a doubt this feeling, but the flow is obviously because users are not familiar with the content of bloggers, the strangeness will deviate from the trust degree. In order to solve the problem of trust flow, we need to resolve through effective trust optimization mode.

on the other hand, for example, two different sites, one only online chat tools, and the other one is not only mobile phone and landline, even 400 telephone consultation, in this context, I believe that more users will choose the latter, the first line and the 400 power must have a fixed place or to be able to handle the office address, especially the 400 phone companies need to attribute. From this point, only online chat tools to the electricity supplier website apparently did not trust website contact rich.

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of China’s electricity supplier development speed, and soon has let foreign business giants envy, but in the context of rapid growth, China’s electricity supplier industry has laid a serious credibility crisis, more and more consumers from the initial to Taobao, now Taobao has now started to reason. Cautious Taobao, because in the Internet business platform, may produce a trap and the terms of overlord everywhere, this has become an obstacle to the further development of China’s electricity supplier.


currently engage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization are basically nicknames, rarely use the real name, but now there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers begin to use their real names directly, these people belong to the foresight, so they generally do fairly well. In fact, these operators use the real name of website and blog, or Website Trust optimization workers, can obviously bring ordinary users sense of intimacy and trust, because these workers have been open to the user that his identity, and those who use the nickname in the website, the trust apparently did not use the real name of the operation website of business of the high degree of trust.

from this point of view, the electricity supplier wants to further development, we need to continue to build trust, only electricity supplier website with the trust support, then you can bring to a website more customers and increase the website stickiness and brand influence, can be said to have decided to trust the website of the future, here I come and the webmaster friends to analyse how to improve the electricity supplier Website Trust optimization.

finally, for example, an electricity supplier website with sales agent professional certification, and another electricity supplier websites selling products without the certificate, the >

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