nterpretation of Shanghai dragon TTLE promote the red beach beauty company

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for this use of temptation headlines to do soft Wen promotion way, we call it "the title of the party". Because the title is attractive enough, if you look at the title, the user will not click desire, the content to write again good in vain. We can see that the "beach beauty company" title TITLE choose just perfect.

because the 7 ghosts usually stroll forum time >

has seen several video on tudou贵族宝贝 as like as two peas, but the title of the video TITLE are not the same, selected the two title of post contrast, will find that there is a world of difference number two forwarding this post. One only has dozens of post, while another post number has reached tens of thousands. Why is the same content, the number of users reprint will get such a big difference? The reason? The title will understand. Only a few dozen post number video titled: "XXX star of the latest single" MV ", another video titled:" XXX star banned "MV".

remember in 08 years of Shanghai Longfeng promote the red TITLE graphic style — "soft beach energy-saving", attracted many users. Look at the title of TITLE will be reminiscent of a lot of, come to mind many images. And when your heart surging, eyes shining with a bloody nose also opened this article, but found the body even the shadow of beauty is not just a very ordinary beach beauty photos. The pictures below have a note to tell you: "beauty really gone, don’t think, good work!" although it was still the old routine a few years ago, but as long as once published will spread in the network, every time a lot of people will click and reply.

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has a post explains the importance of the title in the A5 Forum: "a5- do title, Shanghai dragon" is a multiplier. But there are many webmaster know the importance, but may not be in the thought of it, is likely to add a keyword in the title, gave up the spread of the! In fact, do promotion is the goal in order to reach more people browse, to flow more! So the title is to attract users more direct way of getting traffic, use the title keywords to get traffic equivalent to push around a big circle

promotion skills!

actually achieve this effect is not because we are in the big Shanghai dragon promotion to do good, often need to work hard in the details. The title TITLE written if a good grasp, will reach 42 pounds effect. Small skills are also big role

in Shanghai Longfeng friends all know there are many kinds of website promotion, common promotion Shanghai dragon QQ promotion, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion! There is a skill in do blog promotion and the promotion of soft paper, is to rely on the title (TITLE) of the content on the website optimization controllable attraction! In the title, TITLE is a very important

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