How to avoid direct competition and competitors website

resource station or news station, need content, and these resources for time and quality are directly affect the site. The competition for >


may say it a bit difficult, because each site should progress, not only in the current. You have such a site like last year, this year is such a function, this is in the same place, not a little progress. If your website traffic is increasing, but the functionality is still stay in place if your users will slowly lose. So you have to be creative and active than competition sites, such sites have vitality, will attract more


we all know a web interface and overall layout, is the first impression to visitors! And to avoid the conflict and competition, so your page can not imitate competitors. Is actually very simple, if your website interface, color and layout, and have not much difference between the competitors, it will make a part of the tourists will naturally think of a competitor’s site, like people, two people of similar appearance, can let a person produce mixed around, in this case, the best chance of losing you should be. So don’t try to imitate the competition website interface and layout, have their own style, fresh and clean


we all know that the most important premise of a website is one of the line to select the keyword and description, the two, especially the key is far-reaching, it will directly affect the optimization difficulty of Shanghai dragon after your site. So we in the current competition dominant situation, we can imitate and rival keyword and description. If your competitors have keyword rankings do very high, but the key and hot, you should ask your own optimization techniques, there is no confidence beyond, if the odds, you can choose other keywords. For example, the station do is entertainment news, which is the South Korean entertainment news entertainment news is the most popular, then I look at love Shanghai, a large number of outstanding Korean websites have emerged, I chose the keywords can not be directly elected South Korean entertainment news, to choose the New South Korean or Korean entertainment news, news and so on. Try to avoid conflict with rival site keywords. The description of this piece, can imitate competitors.

2, the overall layout of the

1, key words and description of the selection of


4, multi channelWhether you do

source !

Hello, today I come together and talk about how to avoid the direct analysis of the website and the competitor! After all sometimes your website is not necessarily better than others website, most of the time, we are seeing other sites have prospects, are trying to imitate others sites, and even want to surpass others website. So, how should we respond? I was summed up, mainly has the following

3, not limited to the current competitors, to have a breakthrough and innovation