SEMFLY the ten common problems in Shanghai Longfeng solution

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station is an important part of the Shanghai dragon, if you do not update the Shanghai dragon, then equal to give up their own do Shanghai dragon, and some people do not only do the station standing outside the chain, so do not stable rank, so the station is the update. So how to update the site articles will be included? First of all we want to know the search engine information basically are original, so we can every day of the original article, of course, some friends busy, we can find the pseudo original, do not use the machine manually, and pseudo original, readable, so the search engine will included your site information.

recently more and more friends QQ group communication, many people have encountered problems in communication, and the problem is not what most similar difference, I learned that in the discussion, the optimization method of Shanghai dragon though there are a lot of problems, but the real statistics will be out of ten, but we asked the language, so we all feel a lot of problems in Shanghai Longfeng, actually, to view the problem carefully, have a dozen, I wrote out the following ten problems, and I share in when I encounter this problem is how to solve, and solve the problem with different methods what.


In three,

now we all know the Shanghai dragon can increase traffic to your site, can achieve the effect of the promotion, because of this, there are a lot of new sites are beginning to do Shanghai dragon, but in Shanghai Longfeng due to search engines due to slow Shanghai dragon head Er is very painful, if using traditional methods always posting the spider it is not the way to crawl the web, so how to make search engines fast website address? It is actually very simple, now the search engine has submitted website address, as long as the site to submit website, this website will soon start, of course included only included the home page, page is not included is normal, please do not have to worry, as long as after doing Shanghai dragon, the inside pages will be included, if your site submitted will not be included, so you can The use of high weight blog or soft hard pull method spider website, but the website submitted generally will soon be included.

will not be included in the


two, how to update the station in search engine allows easy collection of

has a lot of friends updated in the station, but this is not to be included, it makes a lot of friends wasted effort, so to not be included in the station to do? We can not let the time wasted, so I suggest you to if not included in the station, we can use blogs or text high weight method included so hard spider, the website is not updated site articles will be included, if do not be included, so that your article is really bad, so.

, a new

website how fast included?

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