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, fetal period – station.

is a website about two years.

this period is the test of your endurance period. Do you want a shit a urine of your kids to can take care of themselves, can run, it is a long process, step by step, do not act with undue haste. As a website, you slowly to him with the chain, Links, first ranking does not go on as long as it does not matter, and can be updated snapshot of the line. Don’t add a lot of the chain and articles, and all of a sudden the matter, so it is easy to cause the site right down. You may be busy all day with the chain, write and eat a meal. But the result was that Liao Wuji’s visit is the Liao, not to mention the profit. At this time, many owners will choose to give up because of can’t hold on. Because at this time his website will give you Bianzhuohuayang different situation, I want to say is to want to drink water, there is a mountain and what ah, over the hill there cannot drink water. This time not impatient, the problem is how we appear how to solve one by one. After this is worthy of the open. As long as the regular daily add articles, add the chain. In view of the quality of the good, is not what the problem.

site optimization is a long process, in order to return more time is needed. No time but also need your willpower. So as a new webmaster are you ready to fight a protracted stand ready? Can you hold on?

website optimization is divided into several stages, the course is like raising a child.

three, adult site stability.

In fact,

two, childhood – just online website.

at this time a website is not online, other people can not see, like the unborn fetus in the womb. Then we have to do is try to give him a nutritional supplement, let him grow up normally, and finally to healthy birth. As the web site we want the content of the website, the layout of building well in order to ensure that the site successfully listed. This is a very important stage, we should be more careful, perhaps not careful he would like the same fetal miscarriage out. Clear in the layout of the site, let people look at a glance. Add the content on the website Web site is to supplement the best nutrition. This must be the original high quality content is more nutrition, the content will directly affect the site collected. The future market will also affect the weight of the website ranking. So at the site of the station during the period must be fully prepared. To determine the layout of the content, the website keyword is very important. If the site all have not done in a hurry to improve, but it is included, he would like the same trouble in premature infants. After the line to all aspects of the site to be modified. This will seriously affect the site’s ranking weight. So as a webmaster mother, must be on your site ready to let him be born.

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