Google 1 button Shanghai dragon revolution is coming

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technology and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon software, more and more sites tend to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and not to enrich their own content. Google has found that only through the update ranking calculation method has not to provide high quality search results, while Google recently released a new feature – the "+1" button, similar to the social network "support", "top", "love" button. This new feature will allow Google users for their love of the website, web pages, video and other voting, the voting results will be displayed in the search results, help other users to choose high quality web browsing. This new function is not real, but interested users can use Google account to Google laboratory application experience.

Since Google With the spread of According to Google’s of Shanghai dragon in contributions!

, "+1 button"’s main function is to let you can tell your friends, family, and other users in the world, it is worth you see resources. But Google chief engineer Matt Cutts anti cheat in his blog said: "the main function of the +1 button is to provide higher quality search results for the user, it can greatly improve the user experience, and we will put the vote as an important standard to evaluate the quality of the website. We launched the search function is because we found it is of great help to the community, especially with respect to the content and update of the new release, can help users quickly find high quality resources. We hope that this function can help the community as it searches, help us to further improve the performance of search engine."

as a leader in the search engine technology has already begun according to user experience degrees website ranking, then the other search engines started to follow the time is not far away, but as far as I know, the love of Shanghai has also begun a similar function of experiment. Then those who do false original and acquisition webmaster will need to consider the influence of "+1" will be on their own site, corresponding modification started as early as possible. In this paper, by 贵族宝贝 hns贵族宝贝/

according to a number of other well-known website news, Google has shown that the "+1" data will directly affect the site in the search engine rankings. Although the "+1" is still in the experimental stage, but the Henan Shanghai dragon believes that once the "+1" package, it will bring about a revolution in Shanghai dragon. Indeed, you can through the Shanghai Dragon technology to influence or fool search engines, but you can use Shanghai Dragon technology to influence and fool users? You said your keyword density, keyword distribution is very perfect, you have a lot of high quality outside the chain, but these things can make many users to your site "+1"? The user only cares about whether your site can meet their needs, whether they can help.

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