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the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng Suzhou is a maternal and child supplies store, want to online promotion through the website to increase the volume of the line. Is this motivation to love Shanghai search, through the search site promotion to the Shanghai dragon, then I search the Shanghai dragon learning, and then through the love of Shanghai quiz first know Shanghai dragon WHY website, then compare the impulse that dragon phoenix is very simple, so he will learn directly sign up. Shanghai dragon WHY training is not cheap at that time spent 1 thousand.

then relatively simple, the author through the purchase of the domain name, space, build websites, choose keywords, website localization, Shanghai dragon optimization promotion. A step by step operation learning in practice, and explore their own experience. After several sites of exploration, constantly testing and observation, do not understand the love of Shanghai or buy books, watch the video. And make some friends, humbly ask. Long a little knowledge is accumulated.

the whole process down anyway, in-depth knowledge of Shanghai dragon is not learned, at least into a door. When I understand a little knowledge of Shanghai dragon began to build a website, so I know the love of Shanghai through the open source program can be directly set up, after a selection the author chose DEDECMS first site building. But then found that DEDECMS needs some knowledge of HTML codes and CSS knowledge, so I went to the bookstore and bought 2 books about HTML and CSS DIV’s book, every closed code played a month to play finally is a basic understanding of the HTML code.

Shanghai Longfeng Suzhou blog opened a long time, met a lot of friends want to learn Shanghai dragon. We generally confused, do not know how to start learning Shanghai dragon. And what need to pay attention to in the process of learning in Shanghai dragon. Although prior to solve these 2 problems have been some articles, today again to solve these 2 problems and just entered the Shanghai dragon circles and going into the Shanghai dragon circle of friends to share the experience of Shanghai dragon suzhou.

know a little CSS then found that DEDECMS has its own label, really very depressed ah. Fortunately, there is love and perseverance and the author of Shanghai. Next month I went to the DEDECMS study, basically before and after 2 months I set up their own websites. Of course, now is still very immature, but in practice and started.


you read these, how to start learning Shanghai dragon should have a more intuitive understanding of it, of course you don’t offer training can also, at heart >

we first study how to start the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng Suzhou to share how he came to be a step by step.

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