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Shanghai dragon’s work can be described as a "ground" pay attention to more, the ancients said: there is no royal road to There is no end for learning. suffering for the boat. "Ground" by many people as the criteria of success, how many men and women back as good husband and wife, "Qin" is really important, it is well known, but in this article we will talk about the "lazy"

really, I was a good student, but to work, do not bother to.

2. if you’re a "lazy" webmaster, you are too lazy to learn

lazy like not on the wall of mud; as useless fools, many owners still use trickery means heart hold lazy lazy Fu mentality, take the thought "Shanghai dragon diligent". Here I want to say: if you’re a lazy webmaster, it is lazy to be valuable.


I’ll give you an example of me. I have a friend is to do LED, his site now every day there are about more than 2000IP, do more than the same industry webmaster should be outstanding. Again I asked him how to have such achievements. His face showed a tired and bitter, said: brother, you can not think of years like a day, every day up at 5 in the morning to update the site hard, fortunately this was not in vain. I heard these words, he suddenly felt great influence, first we ask the time early on the search engine, only the perseverance and faith that we do Shanghai, everyone must have the.


whether it is on the site at the beginning of the line, or in the website operation, I have done some groundwork for their leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, many owners do rush, rush included, tend to ignore the lack of site quality; as the saying goes "modaobuwukanchaigong", this "lazy" is indeed a bit value. I don’t choose domains not slow, no hurry hurry to choose space, I use a long time, but my domain name more than your search engine love; I use a long time, but my space more than your stability; I made this base line on the site before, to me the site of future development to do the groundwork, this "lazy" is measured, is also very valuable.


1. if you’re a "lazy" webmaster, if you bother to moderate

OK, we have to analyze, as a "lazy lazy webmaster" how valuable. The following is a point of my analysis, we can refer to.

a house does not sweep, sweep the world, perhaps this sentence and I described the theme of biased, but I often to this word, the kind of hair as vertical image, sonorous and forceful emerge in my heart, these words often reminded the author must start from the trivial to do anything. Must not be too ambitious, to be successful, then down to earth.

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