Speed is an important factor in determining the mobile website ranking

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so then a webmaster to ask, is not my mobile site faster, my mobile terminal ranking is better? This is the theory, "

for the current Internet, the mobile terminal traffic share has been far beyond the PC side, so more owners to look into the mobile Internet, but for the current search engines, mobile Internet is not mature enough, some time ago I believe we found many website ranking most rely on the weight of PC end of inheritance however, this time in the most recent rankings, volatility of mobile terminals is very powerful, so why? It is because the mobile Internet search algorithm to improve. Today Xiaobian to give you mainly explain the mobile web speed influence on mobile terminal site.

first, we look at a picture of love in the 0910 "Shanghai owners meeting love Shanghai special search speed". We can see from the picture, love Shanghai mobile search website mobile page open speed is calculated from the user click on the search results of love Shanghai start time, to the third party web page LOAD event triggered the end ", that is to say when the user search search engine click on your web site, this time to your web page opens, love Shanghai judge how your site speed. From the separation of "best, normal, out of three. The best description of your website to open faster, better, is to have a search engine like. Your website shows the normal speed in general, can be opened, the search engine in speed will not give you extra points will not be reduced, but the friendly degree give the best rank higher than normal. Out of this I believe everyone can understand, also is the site of the speed is very slow, or not open. This website through search engine user behavior, after a two times three times, your site will be eliminated, not to be displayed in the search results.


(pictures from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform)

read this paragraph of time, I believe that many owners will ask, then the mobile website open speed in the number of seconds is the best? How many seconds is higher than that of normal? How many seconds will be out? This search engine did not disclose the exact data of the answer, but his advice is small within 3 seconds, as far as possible to the second opening up, but after all the users connect to the network with different ways, open speed is different, such as WiFi, 4G, 3G network is different, the standard small said is in 4G or WiFi condition. Of course, 3 seconds is only a reference value, if conditions allow you to enhance the speed of the site as many as. The normal range within 10 seconds are normal. As for, Xiao Bian personally think that more than 30 seconds will be out, because the web server you lead to mobile phone users has been loading consumption flow cost, this search engine is also taken into account, after all, the user is the first.

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