Rose my heart inside Shanghai Longfeng expert three realm

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Shanghai dragon why station >.

state of Shanghai Longfeng expert

2, second state: Shanghai Longfeng planning expert

Shanghai Dragon technology expert prefer technology research, is also the most serious kind of Shanghai dragon, they are happy to study each you don’t know Shanghai dragon, and then put a lot of testing their order and apply it in practice, they each share is their own actual combat experience, the maneuverability is strong, follow you will learn a lot of them. Perhaps this kind of Shanghai, they do not have too many friends in the industry, but their technology is absolutely first-class, the expert "ashes" said the wolf rain, Nanjing Shanghai dragon second the company founder of the network environment.


Shanghai dragon

said that Shanghai Dragon technology can be practiced, but thinking and innovation is not to learn. There is such a kind of Shanghai dragon, they pay more attention to the thinking and innovation, this kind of person is likely to engage in strategic planning and experts, they may not be called Shanghai Dragon Technology Center, but their plan to shame. The success of the site in the industry, while also need strong technical and executive ability, but needs more thinking and innovation.

more and more people to study, the development of Shanghai Dragon technology more and more transparent, and Shanghai dragon master technology is more and more. In Beijing Shanghai dragon side there are a lot of Shanghai Dragon technology expert, they are either ready to start a business, or have started a business, these friends for technology research is far more than me, from Shanghai Longfeng income and harvest are also far Fung to me, and they often exchange can let me learn a lot, I also they are trying to do.

1, third state: Shanghai Dragon technology expert


Beijing Shanghai dragon pretend that the three elements to meet the Shanghai dragon expert: a charismatic person has enough influence in the industry, a powerful Shanghai dragon technology. The three elements of Shanghai Longfeng expert, is a necessity, but also a powerful label. According to the three elements of Beijing Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng expert is divided into three different states:

One hundred thousand why

has such a group of people in the industry of Shanghai Dragon: they led the Shanghai dragon tide, Shanghai Dragon Development mainstay; they have their own unique personal charm, many Shanghai dragon enthusiasts worship, there are also a large number of Shanghai Longfeng researchers to follow, but they never lose themselves; they are very powerful in Shanghai Dragon technology, but definitely not boast of his talent, only talk about hard work and execution; their way of doing things well, perhaps, but not overbearing, wild and intractable, perhaps modest, but definitely not being poor; they helped many people, also got the help of many people; they are a group of people absolutely worth learning and because they are absolutely Shanghai Longfeng expert.

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