Talk about how to update the website content and content of writing skills

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2, the material from where to find? Website update material is the key material, it is not difficult to find love in Shanghai? "

two: a content rich website to retain users

website "three virtues main requirements when the need to update the website updates some standard specifications. These requirements are intended to enhance the cleanliness of the page, improve the user experience, to adapt to the search engine, the most important thing is to meet the needs of users. What are the "three side"? Zhao Chun then simply write several points:

3, paragraphs: paragraph well-proportioned, each section can do a single paragraph, but not from the theme.

2, the core part of the website, equivalent to the person’s name, title, title. Try to be streamlined, the so-called streamlining should pay attention to and the center, the appropriate time to consider, the title of the party.

The so-called

: a web site update content also needs to follow the "three side"


website is the fundamental survival site, only through the website of an article, in order to meet the needs of users. Only through the website article in order to adapt to the trend of the development of the internet. All the sites are rows of articles piled up. But some pile of neat, some scattered or disorderly heap. In the Web2.0 media, there is a catch all the material label called "user generated content" (user-generated content). User generated content is a group phenomenon, and limited between non professionals. When people talk about user generated content, they are a way of sharing and media content in the description of the user, this process does not have any occupation persons involved. Today, we want to say is the webmaster how to update the content and writing skills.


4, with the picture of a knowledge, good picture is better than a long article, require the use of simple image and word pictures, express your message.

pedestrian street and alley is also the difference is not the same grade People are hurrying to and fro., are common items, variety, style variety. The site is the same, rich content, unique point of view, one of their own experiences, often let readers love, how to enrich the content of

1, rich in content is not, what are, but around the site of the main line, to classify the content. For example: dish network, can be Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan and other content, if you suddenly mentioned that Sichuan don’t know which is which.


content: 1, concise and comprehensive, highlight the theme, try to avoid unnecessary slobber generally 300 words, ~500 words best show, too many words can be used in the form of paging space.

more than 4 points, can form a specification of the course, the love of the freedom, the key is how to use the personal.

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