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The correlation and regularity of !

also should mention regular chain work. We don’t do the chain with mood, good mood to do more, feel unhappy today to do less, we do the chain is the standard: the stage of ascension. Every day in accordance with the provisions of the number, then a week increase in quantity requirements. Only in this way, love will not think we cheat the sea.

Originality and regularity of

two, website content.

wants to make love in Shanghai included our website content >.

, a site outside the chain.

graduated from the University in July to now, has been living in the apartment flat-share Ceng classmates, every morning to see them in a hurry to go to work, and I have a personal computer on the open nets, 28 push, Shanghai dragon why learning Shanghai dragon. Now think about it, I feel very offbeat, a girl, and learn the accounting profession, but fell in love with the network marketing, it can not go shopping, often stay up to 2 points, 7 in the morning to get up on time, learning the cheek rub in students apartment and not go to work, to save money three meal. Two meals. Everyone after graduation will have a period of confusion, do not know the direction of their occupation, I also thought of a month, the learning network marketing techniques for the determination of. As a rookie in Shanghai dragon, Wang Shifan think in stationmaster net friends to share a recent love Shanghai snapshot and included problems from today, the first time, I hope my friends support and understanding of

I put it in the first, I believe we should know why! Everyone in the chain to the site, we must pay attention to their chain website, forum, blog and their optimized website related. For example, I do is stock investment training site, but he kept every day in 28 push, Shanghai Longfeng why, head of the forum, behind this kind of Web site posting, so for a long time, the problem appeared. We must have our own chain sheet do outside the chain, I think we can use this gadget desktop label, greatly enhance the work efficiency of our webmaster. Morning, outside the chain, I do correlation to the afternoon, wide outside the chain, so we don’t have a problem in the breadth and the correlation of the chain.

after two months of Shanghai Longfeng study, Wang Shifan have some understanding of general of Shanghai dragon, in order to make a deeper understanding in Shanghai Longfeng, decisively took a Beijing stock company list. To follow the prescribed order web site to do a set of optimization work, find a snapshot of the site stopped in August 30th has not been updated, included in this period of time is zero. Look in the eyes, in mind! Began to find reasons to desperately, Shanghai dragon WHY, 28 post consulting friends, finally found is the correlation of the chain is not the cause of the problem. I will love the influence factors Shanghai snapshots and included lists for everyone, if your site is also the case, please list below the control factors to find out the reasons, finally solve it.

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