The reason of love Shanghai in search results of standard date format

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to tell you the truth I see all that is related to the nature of the content, and said that if the information is the column will appear, I really believe, that conclusion is certainly all through the practice summed up. But from my analysis above that a site has come to a different conclusion, or the website, I found the new article in Shanghai included results in each one has a date display; then.

as in the above said online everyone a lot of conclusions, that is some big websites reproduced earlier date information will appear in the results. But the new web site, I found that when he reproduced there are many online stations have this information, there is the new time the search results, rather than its early release sites but not.

two, the new copy of the Internet content still appears to date.

There are a lot of

, a date and / or weight independent station will appear the same.

fell in love with the sea in recent years that I want to change as the webmaster is certainly the most familiar, such as what Scindapsus algorithm, pomegranate algorithm and so on, and today I want to tell you the reason analysis of Shanghai is the best search results appear in the standard format for date. This I have seen in some Adsense community friends summary, but I found with my practice that is different, so to analyze the three reasons, we said before: one is that long this information website is certainly big website weight high; the other is that the original content of small website not to the original mark but this, or large sites are reproduced in the article, that is to say that the site has just appeared in this content was released; another is related to the nature of the content, that information will appear. Let me through my possible conclusion and analysis.

like to talk above many friends think this time is related with the weights of the website, that is the website will appear this time, while the small website is unlikely, at least that the site appears more than the small website much. And I found a domain name registration only for three months, but on every article a month’s website will appear such content. It is obviously with weight is irrelevant.

three, whether date information with the nature of the relationship is not content.

since the Qihoo launched the search business, love Shanghai have been adjusted, claiming to further enhance the user search experience and purify the Internet environment, although many webmaster is this a series of adjustments to the heart "in the gun" an unsettled state of mind., many stations long even this series of actions that Shanghai is entirely in order to its own. There is no doubt that the love of Shanghai as a commercial company whether he do what kind of adjustment, whether it is good or bad will eventually be for themselves, but for ordinary users through my research found that if they really feel better these users adjust.

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