The site is down right reflects the first four aspects

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is a good site operation will not be dropped if it is It is without rhyme or reason. K, K, so that the website search engine touched the bottom line, and the search engine is not to be challenged, because you always hurt the challenge, your website and your heart. A good website ranking because it is thought to understand with search engine optimization promotion website, rather than occasionally used website search engine to challenge the bottom line and the user’s patience. Perhaps a simple web site is not necessarily a successful web site, but the success of the website is a simple operation, users love the site. This is an eternal truth. For the site to be K what are the signs of the following:

as an example the author mentioned above. Weight is an important index to love Shanghai, good website ranking is to determine the size of the weight. This is the reason why so many webmaster to give up the pursuit of PR instead of the pursuit of weight. Because the domestic love Shanghai occupied a large number of domestic users, know how to love Shanghai certainly than know Google. But Google is the stability is not stable. Now, I have every day with Google three or four can not access the situation. To reduce the weight that search engine began to doubt the site, likely to drop the weight is to give you a chance to check, if any real engineering webmaster at this time also silly, so the opportunity, followed by a K station. Many owners in the forum said today his website weight is reduced, then you have to analyze why the drop weight It is without rhyme or reason.? Is not what is not conducive to the search engine or the user experience

day forum, see a post on the website included most is smaller, even the website every day included the amount, but the total collection numbers have been reduced, is the search engine as the subtraction >


if you often see the author’s experience in it, you should know I always adhere to this theory. Keywords ranking drop may be beyond the opponent. This is just to comfort themselves, if your site has a good user experience, to the search engine friendly. Your opponent may go beyond the have your website? And keywords ranking drop there is a negative factor, is likely to face the website K or click the right to be reduced. Most of the webmaster have encountered such a situation, once the keywords ranking suddenly drop, so to follow is the site is K or drop right. Is the author of a station, within one month rose from 1 to 3 and lower than 1 then rose to 4, beating in such a way, you see not surprised, I have cold sweats. After all, the site to site as my own son’s view. So, the keyword ranking suddenly drop, this time should analyze your website is not even in the K road.

, a keyword ranking fell


three, included reducing


two, weight reduced by

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