Yao Jingang how do the Shanghai dragon controlled on

4) once found the site is not in accordance with the expected schedule, you can consider the adjustment of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, added to the data did not keep up with the Shanghai dragon. Simple to say that under various external factors changing to adjust Shanghai Longfeng implementation scheme, which is a team, not a difficult thing.

but need to pay attention to the premise, such as the role of search engines is to integrate various resources of the Internet, so the search engine algorithm is core to facilitate the users as soon as possible to find the information needed for the basic principle, the current search engine business are more serious, most of the core algorithm is that no one knows, so do Shanghai dragon controlled, we were only according to the usual experiments or experience to judge, so as to achieve what we want to achieve the purpose of

2) self positioning and target is expected to be completed, need to find competitors at least ten more than the corresponding detailed data analysis. This is the most important step of the whole process, lists the relevant data of competitors, including the domain name age, included quantity (including daily record, history included), reverse link (the number of the whole number, including the reverse link reverse link quality, the first page of reverse link, open speed etc.) web site keywords ranking, world ranking. The data analysis is to find out how to more effectively and efficiently than competitors, more is how to formulate the corresponding scheme of Shanghai dragon.

as mentioned above, to achieve Shanghai dragon is controllable, need to be very familiar with the search engine, familiar with the basic algorithm of search engine, familiar with the ranking mechanism and punishment mechanism of search engine, although two of the Shanghai dragon performed without substantial help, but for the research of search engine and improve the implementation of measures is one of our a very good reference. Understand this, I think you can follow a few steps as follows, to carry out:

1) this is what needs to be done before the operation of a Shanghai Longfeng project that is the site of localization. You need to define their own site theme, need to develop an overall development goal to their website, the need for the web site in the search engine’s performance with an expected, so as to effectively give the corresponding scheme of Shanghai dragon.


said the Shanghai dragon.

signs that, in fact, Shanghai dragon can not be absolutely controlled, but in most conditions, Shanghai dragon can be done relatively controllable, relative to control the matter, my understanding is that a site overall result is in accordance with the Shanghai dragon is expected to implement the objectives.

3) according to the actual conditions of the website, the development of Shanghai Longfeng measures, and in accordance with the law, in the process, need to constantly monitor sites of various Shanghai Longfeng data, which mainly includes second of the content, the other can also be based on the Statistics website of the actual situation, such as search engine spiders visit, station data etc..