As a Shanghai dragon er you must learn to analyze

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from the long tail keywords in the search engine rankingThe

collection is always the webmaster about things, a web site included not only the ranking effect, is the most direct impact on the flow. Sometimes we find some sites included soon, and even some seconds. But some websites can not be included in search engines. What is the reason? Chain you to analyze your website, especially you are a newly established site. The chain you need to analyze whether the single, and low quality. If the chain is mainly some BBS signature or blog message, the construction of your next focus will be on the high quality of the chain. You can go to the web site information, such as inquiry platform place to do outside the chain of high quality. There is a Links exchange, when Links as friend chain and weight site advertising.

3: from your external links of the site collection


effect from the background data analysis of website promotion

keyword competition has entered the white hot stage, for some new sites or small and medium-sized enterprises of the site, the long tail keywords is the best way they get traffic. We can use the long tail keywords in the search engine ranking organic search results to the layout of the site to do the analysis, if included in the site is very high, but the flow is not up. That is because you nine out of ten site organization layout problem. So the next focus will be on the site layout changes.

as a webmaster in addition to change from the view flow, but also pay special attention to the site’s jump out rate. If your site.


had graduated from the University for more than half a year, as a Shanghai Longfeng entry-level person, I often see a variety of love about Shanghai Longfeng articles in a number of forums, my knowledge is basically from some senior forum or website to write articles learned. Thanks to these predecessors. I often see some posts when visiting the forum, post title is called the Shanghai dragon. Have a little experience for me, I always think that Shanghai is a gradual process of dragon, this process is in need of continuous observation and analysis, and then make optimization strategy. The analysis plays a vital role in a Shanghai dragon in the process, I will share my usual Shanghai Longfeng analysis direction.

4: from the bounce rate of the user on the site dependent

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2: analysis of the distribution of

analysis of the website

we are in the promotion of the website often use promotion in different directions, in our promotion of a stage, we can see in the website backstage data flow, source domain information, and then analyze which direction the effect is more obvious, so the main promotion stage you will be mainly in the the effect of the obvious direction.


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