The website included the cause of instability if you know

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no matter for any search engine, they have a rating for a website home page, especially for that every day a new content update website, search engine spiders crawling more love, better effect, and for the website snapshot, even website content is a second what is normal.

(three) brand effect in trouble.

(two) audit content over a long period of time.

(a) the most important home search engine.

many sites will be included up and down suddenly, for many of these friends are not very clear. So the author also and we explain, in fact many websites especially new sites, at the beginning of the search engines will be included a lot of content on your site, but after a period of time suddenly found the website a lot less, then we don’t really need too much care about, because it is likely to be before the search engine a collection of content re placed to review the review period, of course, this is you need to ensure that your site is not the premise of fall right and be K under.

however for some frequently updated website, for example some business or personal blog will, there will be a certain degree above the difference, because they are not updated frequently, sometimes a few days or even a month to update a. This enterprise station or blog if the chain is strong, and may not reach to the effect of update snapshot every day. But if the update is poor, the chain enterprises less site or blog for GG may be included in a certain period of time to effect, and for the love of Shanghai seems to be that your website included ability is poor, is certainly not good. So we must set our attention to the content of the page, to as much as possible to guide the spider to our site home page, the weight is better.

believes that many webmaster with the author has analyzed the GG and love of Shanghai included, the two search engine included a large gap between the members are deep. In fact, the most intuitive we can be included from the GG to the web site directory included depth, speed, and the two can be compared with marine big difference. For the love of Shanghai in terms of words, we need high-quality content in more effort, but also use a large number of the chain to attract the spider to our site crawl, in order to make the collection of good. For example, the name of the station, today the author of Shanghai special love collection of, also summarizes some love Shanghai included features and advantages of the website, I hope to help you.

for search engines, in addition to the weight, a lot of points when the strength of the brand is also affecting the website weight and included, because we all know that the search engine attaches great importance to the original content, of course, for the original brand site is the same, for example, a lot of doors or apartment layout site, self >

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