To increase the love Hisense as several degree view

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second: choose a stable space

The first point:

website >

optimization ranking website, stable space is to make Shanghai the first choice for trust love. Love Shanghai every day in the spider crawling countless websites, when the love of spiders in Shanghai come to your website and found the website is not open, this is not very friendly to love Shanghai spiders, and when the first spider web site is not open, second times to the website can be opened, then back and not open so, again, love of spiders in Shanghai will also have temper, finally may not return your website. As we humans also have temper, not again and again three. After all, we often say that "three strikes". The actual is the same reason.

a website to win the trust of the love of Shanghai is very important. When love Shanghai trust your website, will be on your site so friendly, on the website of the Shanghai dragon optimization is also very favorable, the Wuhan Shanghai dragon crazy to talk to you about Hisense any seven degree increase in the.

website is essential. It not only allows users to clearly see their location, can also facilitate the search engine spiders crawling the page. The most important is good to improve the user experience. For example, when we see a good article, we will look at this article in which a classification, and then return to this category to see other articles, and bread crumbs navigation in the inside will play a great role.

Breadcrumb navigation website

long time "corn"

We all know that

third: Design breadcrumb navigation

this article is Wuhan Shanghai dragon crazy about a month ago in a post on A5, was written in relatively simple, but did not think the crazy posts are our A5 forum Zatan board moderators seven plus for the original, but also as a madman after half a month to see this post post, has come to hot three, a lot of friends top reply, madman was very pleasantly surprised, but also thank you for your support, the madman is to talk to you about what can increase trust in love in Shanghai.

fourth: site map

is a Shanghai dragon Er, we all know that the time domain, its website ranking has certain advantages. If this is a new domain name, we need to spend more time to optimize the latter, such website ranking will be more stable and more anterior. Because of this, so many webmaster friends are willing to spend a little more money to buy the old domain name, and do not want to spend more time to optimize the new domain name registration. But Wuhan Shanghai dragon crazy here to tell you, do not blindly pursue the old domain name, buy the old domain in the choice we also need to analyze, look at this domain name is loved by Shanghai before the punishment, more and more analysis to understand and then decide to buy.

If we want to do

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