To understand the change of search rule engine how to deal with the change of search engine


1. in the search engine changes constantly at the same time, we can feel a bit, the search engine love new things, for the pseudo original and reproduced in the article, almost do not see, so if your site is reproduced in the article, if your article is false original, please immediately change your methods: to write the original article, through his writing to write, if you really can’t write, also can through the Internet to find related articles, and then change the expression of the center point of this article in their own language.

, a search engine to understand the variation rule of

2. search engines will be towards the development of user experience. So, the user experience is an important link. For example, people would love to enter your web site content and your products, visitors will introduce you with the active site to click on the content they need, this is the user experience.

1. search engine, can perform certain strategy by the changing way, try to adapt to the search engine. For example, the original love thing, we will give it its original, love the readability of the article, we will give it the readability of the article. Don’t cheat, to get used to it.

3. search engine for the chain is quite important, for example, if your site has a certain amount of the chain, add your website content and website visitors are good viscosity, rankings will brush up, if the chain, then the ranking may be slightly worse o’clock.

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two, how to deal with the change of search engine

After we understand the variation rule of >

2. search engine users love or love website, such as your site users to read, the next will come to your website, so you can improve your rankings and included quantity. In addition, the PV website also affected some rankings and included, the readability of the article is also an aspect.

we are the site of the process, often encounter the sudden change of search engine, and the ups and downs of our website ranking. In the face of love Shanghai and ranking we are confused, but calm analysis, we will see some rules of search engine changes. To deal with the changes of search engine, we should draw some way below to give you details:

3. do the user experience of the website is not an easy thing, to go to work from the aspects of the site layout, articles and products, only do these, your site will keep visitors. However, each of the visitors to appreciate the different perspective, to adapt to the requirements of the visitors to make each is impossible, we can do some research, such as the investigation of what types of visitors love or love, what color the layout of the site, visitors can truly understand, do a popular website.