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myth 3 you need a very detailed and perfect business

Myth 2, as long as the product is developed, users will find their own home to

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placing ads to clear position web page without scrolling, you can see the part is more convenient for visitors to see ads, so as to improve the click opportunity.

Abstract: Unlock the myth, restore justice, you only have one real business world.

Chargify, the financial management software company, was founded by several successive entrepreneurs, several partners who had successfully started several companies before. As a result, some of the entrepreneurial experiences they share below should be worth learning from. In this article, they will uncover the truth behind the 11 Myths about entrepreneurship.

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you have a strong vision of your product, and believe that as soon as the product is developed, the user will find it himself.

truth: if you want to succeed in your business, you need to invest not only in products, but also in marketing, sales, customer support, and building good relationships with users / customers.

some people have great entrepreneurial ideas, will choose to start hard work in the garage or residential buildings, will eventually create a valuation of more than $1 billion in Unicorn company, and then choose to sell the company, own instant riches, once and for all, no longer work. That sounds inspirational,

truth: if you want to succeed in business, your entrepreneurial ideas don’t have to be one hundred percent of revolutionary ideas. Think of it. Facebook wasn’t the first social networking site; shlf1314 wasn’t the first company to do search engines. Your entrepreneurial thinking may have been done before, and it doesn’t matter. What you have to do is to do better than others and create more value.

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in order to enhance diversity and novelty, you can even choose to use up to 4 different palettes each time.

detailed information about modifying advertising colors and creating palettes.
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myth 1, as long as you have good entrepreneurial ideas, everything else is not a problem,

we have collected these easy to implement techniques designed to help you maximize the potential of AdSense to increase revenue.

above this entrepreneurial wealth has occurred, but it is rare. Many entrepreneurs, or those who want to start their business, have been blinded by the myth of "getting rich.". There are many stories and cheats about the success of business on the Internet, but it is difficult to tell which is the true way to success, and which is the pure title article of Bo’s eyeball.

3. custom advertising color. The
select one on your page very prominent color advertisement frame.
advertising title choose a similar color and text on the page.
for advertising. Select a web page link and other similar color.


in addition, you should avoid falling into such a misunderstanding: the more functions the product has, the better. That’s not the case. Especially at the beginning of your business, you need to have a clear product goal orientation to ensure that the product function is for the purpose of the product mission. What you need to do is to accomplish a few core functions, not just what you want to do, but you can’t do anything at last.

if you have a robots.txt file, delete this file or add the following two lines at the beginning of the file:

if your web page uses a framework, please put the AdSense advertising code in the framework that contains the content so that we can put in the relevant ads. If you put ad code in an empty frame or >

although people often attach great importance to the idea behind the idea of entrepreneurship, but the idea is only a small part of the process of entrepreneurship. In fact, if you want to make your business idea a reality, you need to evaluate your own problem solutions, find PMF products that fit the market requirements, and get user feedback.

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