The unfamiliar street CEO Tang Yan 23 years old to 35 year old ruffian 2 billion CEOWant to be a mo

more distant, unfamiliar street at the entrance to the company, next to the blue Logo, there is a vertical one high, with the background user data LED large screen, the screen shows the number of registered users of unfamiliar street. In February this year, unfamiliar street has entered the 100 million user club. Three years ago, a small company with a registered capital of just 1 million 111 thousand and 100 was now valued at over $2 billion in anecdotal rumours.

1, ambitious, love fantasy.

Huang Zhangjin, founder and friend of the

has been reported for Tang rock named "chieftain", "riffraff", he fights and vividly describes the story of the past, even someone in his organization according to the geographical location, the story, the day after his prototype application development LBS unfamiliar street. He just smiled, and then in the unfamiliar street message board rebuke: just how tall on, and a ruffian

likes to imitate some big companies or large websites, and always feel that the bigger the website is, the better. Not only does it have a face, but it also has a strong sense of satisfaction. Always imagine this yourself, a person can top a company, dozens of personal workload. I want to ask, are you Stallone, or Bruce Lee? A dozen one hundred? People don’t kill you, strange!

if the choice between Messi and Maradona, Tang rock preferred the latter. Because you can feel the original love for sports". If Jobs and Sean, ·, and Parke Facebook’s first president were chosen, he preferred the latter. "He changed the world when he picked up the girl."

3, poor execution, want to help others.

review: if you choose between Messi and Maradona, don rock prefers the latter. Because you can feel the original love for sports". If Jobs and Sean, ·, and Parke Facebook’s first president were chosen, he preferred the latter. "He changed the world when he picked up the girl."

2, do not believe in yourself, like to find a master to learn from.

when Tang Yan wore a shirt, sitting in his office only a corner of the interview, some uncomfortable. The door is responsible for the reception of media public relations some anxious and fearful of the employees. They fear that this is too outspoken CEO of nature — on the fly.


found that many webmaster like to learn, always worship some master. Always contact them, get some advice or care. Always want to copy other people’s success. But you only saw the brilliance of his platform, but you didn’t know the experience behind him. In fact, we have a common topic between the webmaster, communication is still good. But if you always want to add some master to learn from the words, it is estimated that few people will pay attention to you. Not all experienced webmasters are willing to share their successful experiences with time and money. So, it’s easier for you to find a way to start your own business, and you can get to know some of the people who run the same project, and exchange experiences with them, and you’ll probably learn more.

save money that is human nature, but many webmaster goal is great, want to pay, do not want to buy anything, cheap, or even free. If >

4, unwilling to pay for a free lunch,

the following question I also have part of, in positive change…


does not want to learn knowledge himself, do not want to do hard work, and there is the idea of the method, but to find excuses for delays. In fact, a good result does not necessarily mean a good method, you have a common method of execution is good, but also very effective. But a good way you don’t do it will definitely be bad. When you don’t have a foothold, you can try more yourself and try different methods to compare the effects. When necessary, hard work or to insist on doing.

when the scene changed to the weekend, his T-shirt, jeans, sneakers behind his Audi TT in the city shuttle, 35 year old Huang Zhangjin describe him as "a teenage boy is not over".

this time wrote several articles to promote their mutual transfer station network, many webmaster friends after reading to praise, there are also some owners Tucao said I ". But what about it? Come out, always see the blood. The article finished how assessment on how to review it love. Since the release of a few articles, recently many webmaster add me and I exchange, many say no money, also don’t know how to do, good confused. There are many webmasters hang up the site, then do not know what to do. In fact, I have been studying that kind of webmaster is easier to make money, and that kind of stationmaster has not make money.

in Huang Zhangjin’s narrative, when Tang Yan or Hunan, Loudi, a small company doing gift salesman, and some media executives accidentally eat at the same table, he was in the field of victory over executives. In Huang’s view, when he was "youth pressing", "sparkling."".

Tang Yan argued: "at that time, small, not polite.". Low status, subconsciously want to dominate each other." The answer was calm, decent and reasonable, like good entrepreneurs.

his purpose >

later, I found that many have not been profitable webmaster, almost all there is such a problem:

elephant society, said that if Zheng Guofan and Ceng Guoquan were compared, Tang Yan would be more inclined to the latter. Zheng Guofan: and the "perfect", brother Ceng Guoquan had no scruples, rough and strong fighting capacity spend money like water. And if you compare shirts with T-shirts, Tang Yan is better suited to the latter – it seems that anything with a frame is bound to him.