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here’s an example of marketing. Line zero >

ten created the successful company

if you master this skill, you will get the following benefits:

· you will learn to hold on to

A successful

· you will learn to get along with others,

if you understand "sales" as an explanation of the logic and benefits of a decision, then everyone needs it. Because you need to convince others to agree with your ideas and make the boss and the investor think the project is rewarding, you also need to let your employees understand the importance of a new workflow. Therefore, the essence of sales is communication skills.

misunderstanding 1: as long as there is traffic, there will be sales

Storm8: the mobile game company is also the first company to play games on mobile devices. Created by former Facebook employees. At present, the total number of games downloaded more than 300 million.

has the quality to get traffic at this point, our approach is to refine the management flow of different channels, develop strategies and conversion of different flow rate of the target value, detailed analysis of flow characteristics of each channel is used to deal with the different marketing method. For example: portals, games, video sites are mostly used to do brand promotion; rebate website alliance to flow with promotional information contributed to the purchase, and the amount of the control network to reduce dependence on the center of the search engine category; or navigation website traffic to use search content, accurate the related recommendations, the rich social networking site conversion; we use a hot topic and the associated commodity use of word-of-mouth marketing to spread.

Github: social networking site, established in 2007. Not until 2012 did Andreessen Horowitz get $100 million to vote for

· you will reap confidence,


misunderstanding two: good offline retailers will certainly do a good job on

successful entrepreneurs are spending a lot of time selling".

many people think, online and offline are retail, but the channels are different, as long as the goods are good, where all sell well. Here I despise the big difference between the two. Offline and online retailers have their own advantages and disadvantages, and if you don’t try your best, you may accomplish nothing. Offline retailing has the characteristics of physical commodity experience, immediate availability of commodities, through scene stimulation, temporary impulse buying, and clerks’ close service. Online retail has no store virtual shopping, has a large number of customer information, precision marketing, word-of-mouth marketing speed and breadth, without geographical, time and shelf space restrictions and other characteristics.

without venture capital

authors asked 20 successful business people what skills contributed most to their success, and everyone mentioned one: Sales skills.

· you’ll learn self-discipline,

were successful when they introduced investment:

PlentyofFish: one of the biggest dating sites in the world. The site currently has 38 million subscribers, with PV60 million in months. Most of its revenue comes from advertising, which amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars.

TechCrunch: one of the most famous tech blogs. Mike, Arrington, and Keith Teare were created in 2005 and sold to AOL for $30 million in 2010.

Nasty Gal: a clothing sales business enterprises, the development of eBay at the beginning. Investment was introduced only five years later.


· you will learn to negotiate

in the field of e-commerce practitioners and entrepreneurs in these years, continuous learning in practice and exploration, from my own mistakes and error correction and observation of other business success and failure, there are some insights and experience. And many electricity business, new business, or are preparing to start business friends to communicate, we found that there are still a number of errors in entrepreneurship. It is my good fortune to share my views and help you avoid detours.

many people mistakenly believe that traffic will bring sales. Yes, the electricity supplier has a famous saying, King is the Traffic, traffic is the basis of electricity providers, but do not ignore the importance of traffic quality. Sales = flow, X conversion rate, x unit price, traffic is only one factor. The conversion rate is defined as the percentage of customers who come to the site to arrive at the last order, and the unit price is the average consumption of the customer’s purchases from the site. Low mass flow conversion rate is low, and even if the customer orders can only receive gifts or just buy discount goods in depth, profit and value contribution is zero or even negative, the flow should be resolutely filtered out, don’t let the server resources, logistics and customer service. We’ve worked with some games and video sites, but the results aren’t ideal, because the users of these sites have a strong purpose, that is, playing games and watching videos, and not interested in doing anything else.

These companies following

skills indispensable: sales skills

Gawker: This is a media nature website established in 2002. The founder’s money comes from selling his former company. The company is currently valued at $150 million.

Braintree: the payment company, founded in 2007, did not introduce Sequoia’s $34 million investment until 2011.

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