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second, the Internet industry is a market competition in line with the trend of fair competition, the Internet is an index of resources, index competition.


there is a huge difference, the traditional production management process: planning, organization, leadership, control, its characteristics are: first, after the task; process management; precise control. = Internet product management process: objectives, discovery, commissioning, management. Its characteristics are: first task, >

The production management process of production management process and the traditional enterprise Internet

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third, the traditional enterprise in the transformation process, this transition should be fully aware of the difficult, almost reborn, it is not a study of several of the so-called Internet thinking can be effective immediately, but the transformation and construction system.

well, I’m going to start the tutorial, you guys turn off your breath… Ha ha, kidding… And the daily limit we can only get 10000 points per day. So we need to maximize these points.

I destroy you, but nothing to do with you, as depicted in science fiction "body" in that way, the Internet industry and the traditional industries of the war, is a two-dimensional and three-dimensional space war, the traditional industry or enterprise if not quickly self subversion, and even how to die may not know.

Gao Hongbing, vice president of

this long figure I 09 years to write tutorial also use it to explain everything, today I use it to tell you, in fact, the blog is still so good fool! We first look at the landing +10, said the day is landing, remember every day on a plus 10 points other, ignore, don’t think you can repeat the landing in line integral brush, it can be used to recruit 06 years, now it is discussed

Zhang Zhaoyang, founder of


written in front, in fact on the brush tutorial and the blog integral I’ve written once, probably in 09 years, is integral with the brush and the blog vulnerability upload unlimited photos, then I use the title as "how to use" within a month of blog advertising to make money". I don’t remember much of what, at that time I also left my , there are people with my asked this day! But the tragedy is in about 2 months, there are friends I said no way! And the restrictions on the upload photos, now only uploaded every day 100, according to this calculation, want to upload photos and integral brush is just a legend! That we all really only slowly to the diamond level again hanging advertising? No, in fact, as long as we are good at observing and thinking, and that in fact there are many places fast enough to make us the blog to brush diamond level! Today this tutorial is to teach you how to brush to the diamond and the blog in the shortest possible time to hang GG to make money, do for each blog webmaster, of course, but also for you to brush many blogs do stand by! But want to brush more than a blog webmaster can’t use this method! I at the end of the article will mention do standing group ah, how should do! Well, nonsense finished, and now into the topic,

traditional enterprises how to adapt to the Internet era, this is a big topic, but it is worth studying and discussing, this essay only talk about sporadic thinking, not system, the right to make a brick.

Internet enterprise, in essence, is a learning type practice organization. Learning and quick action are the core capabilities of the Internet age. We should learn to observe and judge the trend of industry and technology, and pay attention to the significance of new things or new technologies.

in line with international practice, I’d like to come up with some pictures so that everyone can see more clearly:

the pressure of competition comes not from your experience, but from the future of the trend. The Internet industry now looks every little technological innovation or small movements, are likely to affect the future of the industry, is the so-called "sparks of fire, fire", do not underestimate.

Sohu, said in a speech that China’s Internet is taking full control of the Chinese economy. In China, only the Internet industry has achieved almost pure market competition, and is the most fair competition industry. If a product is 10% stronger than the competitor’s product, then it will be magnified 1000 times on the network, which is much faster than linear growth under the line. Therefore, the Internet industry is easy to produce the best organizations, with better organizational capacity, innovation ability, management ability, marketing ability.


one, the impact of traditional industries on the Internet should be paid enough attention and vigilance, because it concerns the height of life and death of enterprises.


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, Alibaba, said that there are two kinds of material attributes, two scenes, two perspectives and two economic concepts in the world, that is, atoms and bits. The traditional enterprise is the atomic world, the Internet enterprise is the bit world, two very different world.

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