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has summed up several key factors, such as: the stock market crash, the winter capital, liquidity crisis, IPO acceleration etc.. Such a reason sounds reasonable, but can not explain why the A shares next door has been a topic of continuous, vibrant IPO non-stop, beautiful 50 show awe inspiring. To explain why the Nasdaq stock market 80% stocks are zombie shares, do not affect its status as a global.

Compared to

three new board with no exception whatsoever. Now, not only did not grab red people eat melon, downhearted quietly diving; the influx of people, Mack daddy, thinkers are melancholy, have retired group. According to statistics, as of the end of June this year, nearly 200 enterprises from the new three board delisting.

more than 5000 and the NASDAQ scale company China A shares more than 3000, three new board for more than 3 years will create tens of thousands of listed company records, becoming the first big market worthy of the name of the universe.

one, nursery or soil?

in fact, all of the active, cohesive and amazing WeChat groups have one thing in common, that is, they have common clear goals and positioning.

and three new board? In February this year, President L said: the new board should have nursery function but also play a soil function, make a number of innovative ability, honest and trustworthy, good market prospects of the enterprise, can turn in turn plate, not willing to turn board will bloom in the new board, this is the future Chinese capital market landscape.

group not to mention the stock market to make money together, working group common tasks, Wang Zhe Rong Yaoqun with Daguai upgrade no shortage of topics, said A shares, each listed company was with the mirror like, they know: listing means that the fame and fortune, is a symbol of the most entrepreneurial companies the success of the IPO, and can be set by the financial capital Quan Qian, can also be mergers and acquisitions with the capital market bigger and stronger, can realize the value discovery target through the reduction of holdings make the difference.

            thought I was making money online master, since, I see their ideas and practices only to discover that I’m not just a frog, is now well below the bottom of the frog frog the little toe ya under small mud.

          there is a low-key Master said that he had such a page, IP more than 50 thousand a day, revenue of more than 10 thousand rmb. Unit is yuan.

shock but also admire their skills and design.




from the page, or advertising techniques, we should learn and study too much.


however, the first swarm in the universe now opens the retreat model. Even to the group hit envelopes are not pan some bubbles, there are only several small advertising and be caught off guard a few awkward smile. So, here comes the question. Why is nobody talking in the new three panel group?

these years, shares of the company the new board regulators as a main star in a hundred responses to a single call, orders has attracted many people enterprises and investment institutions with great enthusiasm into the group to grab a red envelope to join.


said it was wrong, so many people fell into a deep confusion of thought is come in to grab the red envelope, but now.

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