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so, take this opportunity, the sea Amoy paradise also got A round of financing. "I was in June last year to join the Amoy paradise, served as CTO. As for the exact amount of financing, the boss spoke to our top executive about 15 million."

"B wheels didn’t melt into the money, and the capital chain was completely broken."."

according to the sea Amoy paradise employees introduced, the earliest cut is Xi’an branch and logistics department, is the whole staff was cut, probably in March of this year.

, according to Tang Wenming’s description, where the sea Amoy paradise because of financial difficulties, the recent massive layoffs, and he himself because not identification with company in the downsizing period of practice, chose to leave.

by the end of last year, the company began to contact the B round of financing, but there has been no news. In March of this year, one of us wanted to vote for us, and CEO announced the news, but when it came to the financial review, he said no more."


in June 14th, a "I pay for the rights of adults" in the circle of friends widely disseminated, issued for the sea Amoy paradise, former CTO Tang Wenming.

according to him, he himself after leaving, arrears of wages has not yet been released, not only that, the company also tried to embezzle wages, to discredit his character. After many fruitless negotiations, he was finally able to stand up and speak out.

talked about wages reasons, Tang Wenming believes that B round of financing is not smooth is the main reason, and many other sea Amoy heaven to hunt cloud network staff also confirmed this view.

because of poor financing, the company’s funds soon had problems. "The real money problem is starting later in the year, especially in two or three and April. It feels like the company has no money."." One employee said.

in April, Beijing began to cut people. And from the beginning of the month, the company director and above pay only 60% of the grade. According to employees, when the company said, and so on, the company’s capital chain well, the remaining centralized release.

‘s account in A5 contributed to my enrollment in 07, when I was seventeen years old and less than a year old. 07 years I invest in A5 an original article, entitled "a high school students how to promote the website monthly income of 50 thousand true story", A5 hits 30 thousand times, stand on the comment to nearly more than 300, more than 10 thousand articles on the Internet. Comments have praise, have scolded, appreciate, have questioned, filled with all kinds of webmaster reply. Pretty good. It’s interesting. After a lapse of six years, whether it is the Internet or real life, everything has undergone tremendous changes. 6 years later today, I do not know how many years of the webmaster still adhere to, and how many people from the history of the faint exit, and how many new calves are not afraid of the influx of tigers. I feel my personal changes have been great over the last six years. Six years ago today I finally had his own company, have 50 employees, with 80 thousand square meters of factory buildings, 50 thousand square meters with 20 thousand square meters workshop warehouse, and you are most concerned about: monthly net income of not less than 500 thousand. Chinese people like talking about money very much, but they are very afraid of talking about personal income. I have made my profit so clear. Many people will question it. It doesn’t matter. Please keep it and enjoy it. Please go ahead. Just want to put your story in A5, give the webmaster a train of thought.

financing failure, funding strand breaks

Shandong Dongying Shandong Sheng Ding chemical grease network housewarming new office June 18, 2013

could only lay off because he didn’t get the money.

this, hunting cloud network contacted Tang Wenming himself, he told us that the sequence of events.

hunting cloud network micro signal: ilieyun Beijing June 16th report text / spring

, "15 years ago, I was working on the Ebuy project, when Ebuy’s technical architecture was built by me.". Later, by investors fancy, and was to the sea Amoy paradise, two projects are packaged investment, then investors optimistic about these two models, that the sea Amoy paradise and Ebuy can complement each other in business." Tang Wenming said.

10 years later, married, buy a car, the expenditure began to change, not so much in the previous two years income basically all flowers, suddenly encountered a policy change, does not allow individuals to establish the educational news website, after repeated struggles, eventually did four years PR has been sold to 5-6 Shandong college entrance examination network. And website construction is a long-term patience work, do a new station, temporarily can’t get more ideal returns, so no longer do website plan. Since then, in addition to the occasional access to information and news, basically no longer touch the net. Usually helps the family to manage some entity’s business, contacts with each kind of personage in the society, drinks tea, the exchange business card. This situation lasted for more than half a year, until one day a friend learned from a friend in the factory information: a 28 year old salesman, a about 4000000 Commission of the business year! And all of his clients, almost all from the news network! Let me feel shocked, and rejoice. At the same time, some feel a little regret. The shock is 28 years old so young a year can get so much money, the delight of these customers who are all from the network, unfortunately he was a few years ago should have guessed it! But it’s never too late, I began to inquire about the true extent of the information of the day, in a circle friends in the factory, until you see the legendary salesman bend over into the driver’s seat > a BMW 7 Series Sedan

"did not melt into the money, the company’s funds were tight."

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