Liu Chuanzhi ‘m not as rich as Jack Ma but more financially free than Wang ShiWhat should you do W

below is the dialogue between Liu Chuanzhi and the host:

Liu Chuanzhi: before and after 2000, there was an upsurge in the internet. The climax was a success today as BAT was in the climax, but there were a lot of well known famous companies that went down in that climax. What’s the reason for this, >?

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technology news news December 6th, Lenovo holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi in the "WISE? Said the unicorn 2016 conference, he has won two freedom, financial freedom and free time, I have no Ma so wide, although the financial freedom, but I believe that Wang Shizi is still larger than.

if you’re not crazy about hobbies or hobbies, don’t waste your precious startup time

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"my idea of starting a business is to let the Chinese have their own brand computers and stand at the forefront of the world.". But at my age, I think I want to change a way of living."

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Liu Chengcheng: many young entrepreneurs have experienced cycle, you may have some views on the Internet, for example, two years ago, we really feel that the Internet what things must equal to anything, and Internet, but now have some doubts, what do you think of this entrepreneurial mindset?

Liu Chengcheng: no problem.

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he said that entrepreneurs need the ability to move forward, but also how to adjust their strategies according to the situation, how the team cohesion and so on, these things are entrepreneurs must seriously study these things, if not to hide the past, a chance will fall.

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Liu Chuanzhi: we have 15 minutes to talk with each other. My first principle is that our conversation ends in 15 minutes. So, I don’t want to tell you in the first few words, "let’s ask you what, what I ask you, and start fighting with each other.".

Legend Holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi left


, however, Liu Chuanzhi also warned some successful entrepreneurs that what they want to do after taking the money is entirely up to what they want to do. When a person seize the opportunity, after the success of entrepreneurship, what to think about. If you do not think about it, the money spent out, and the suburbs of Beijing "street" is no difference.

4. Literature: not too late to clear profit model, Luanjiang:

Liu Chuanzhi: I’m looking at the time.

Liu Chengcheng: when I was talking to Liu in the VIP room, he kept saying that he seldom came to the meeting recently. You just heard the meeting and said that we would read an entrepreneur declaration later. Do you want to support our entrepreneurs?

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"entrepreneurs can become entrepreneurs, that is, there is no higher pursuit of the problem.". Constant pursuit, and the ability to stand the blow, are essential to entrepreneurship, but even with two, the chances of failure are great. An entrepreneur must have the ability to continue learning." Liu Chuanzhi expresses. Yu Yi

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