Talking about how to do a good music station

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feeds. In fact, network is the best way to promote. And simple, as long as the station in their own articles on it. This machine is equipped with a can network plug-in, two in their article content station specially into some of the more famous fanchon chain. Don’t choose what feeds to choose, choose some relatively good, is the most typical I had to do a gossip station, on that day, a Leslie Cheung piece of gossip, you can get to 5000IP, I stand the excessive number of visits, the station will not open. Very happy that day, statistics have more than 1W IP. So, fanchon is an indispensable way to promote.

2, stick it, say. Baidu Post Bar and Sohu say it can be said to bring traffic and feeds almost, if we can make good use of, may also more than fanchon, because the persistence of this way to promote better. As long as you do not have to be removed as soon as the appropriate Dingding can. Your hair you can not stand the URL directly to stay on top, it will be deleted, you must send the article address or send some articles or pictures, and then get a "more", to address lead to your site. Like I tested today, this music station is a great music station. I put on a celebrity’s introduction and then go to the celebrity edition. For example: * * * detailed files. Put the address directly on the address of the person. (don’t use a single URL). Today, I only used less than 10 addresses and brought me 200IP. Let’s take advantage of it and stick to it.

3, QQ group. I NTJU way is to first of all local Nantong QQ group added to my a QQ, and then go to the inside of a mix of familiar, mutual express hello. You can’t start without an address. It is better to contact the administrator first and say hello, can you help me advertise your station?. It is better for the administrator to put your name and address on the bulletin board. At the same time, you change the name of the group to the name or URL of your site. This will increase the exposure of your station as much as possible. If it is a forum, you can lobby individuals through the QQ in the group and let them play in your community. PS: I haven’t used it for the time being. It should work well.

4, forum. Before you build a station, you first register at the local forum, and then post or paste it. When you post, you’d better top yourself. Prevent others from sitting on your couch. Ha-ha。 In short, you must be able to mix familiar, so that users understand you. Maybe the administrator will give you a webmaster to do. After you’ve done almost anything, change your signature connection to your station. The signature should be as attractive as possible, and the font is red. So your previous post and reply signature changed. In short, post, after Haotie in his station. Garbage stick in a big place, as long as users click your signature on the OK. I see there is going back to the floor, only two. People have returned to N, and do not reply. This has no effect. The second one is that members break through each. Find a list of members to your opponent or local comparison or forum. Look at him >

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