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recently, a television advertising star Yang Mi endorsement in the subway, on the bus overwhelming, "this is not a magical site of a shout repeatedly hide. Star endorsement Internet products, the past two years has become a hot trend. Chen Yao Zhaopin and, Wang Luodan, Han Han, Huang Xiaoming, Yang Mi endorsement endorsement, serves network and 58 city, Peter Ho, Yu Na, Lan Qin endorsement of Groupon, Han Geng, Ge You endorsement lashou, Fan Bingbing endorsement dream bazaar, dazzling.

choose stars as endorsements, indicating that the Internet industry, now under the support of venture capital funds, has entered the era of fierce brand competition. Analysis of the industry, unprecedented hot star endorsement of Internet products, on the one hand helps both sides to improve the visibility, bring the brand, on the other hand will make a number of funds shortage of Internet enterprise market space is being squeezed, or will trigger a new round of Internet industry shuffle.

brand building needs

according to Maslow’s theory, when the buyer is no longer the price and quality concerns as a purchase, the added value of using star popularity to increase product, can cultivate the consumer sentiment, which won the sought after consumer products. This is also the goal of many Internet companies competing for celebrity endorsements.

"Ganji" since its establishment in 2005, and now has reached a rapid growth period, you can force to do promotion." Go to market net director white ice says, from spokesman itself is concerned, Chen Yao is more affinity, fit the temperament of go to market network. In addition, "micro-blog Queen" Chen Yao is a more Internet characteristics of the star, Internet users to its acceptance is very high, this is to go to the net brand marketing has played an accelerated role.

according to Baidu index, in using three-dimensional advertising after the average search volume increased by 161%, "" Baidu Search Ranking also rose to sixteenth, become the leading classifieds site list. Relevant data also shows, the per capita page of the net that go to the market is browsed also from before 9 pages rise to 13 pages, user adhesion increased 44%.

"for the relative chaos of the Internet industry, through celebrity endorsements for brand communication, should be regarded as a kind of exploration, for the Internet Co’s brand development, is a great progress." In this regard, dream heaven network company president Fan Xiaoning said, companies invited celebrity endorsements, to a certain extent to the customers, favorite star’s "fans" are almost in the age group between 18 to 28 years old, and this part of the target user group is precisely the group Internet Co, the star effect can improve the visibility of the enterprise and market influence. In addition, with the development of Internet China hot market, online advertising prices skyrocketing, so this year, many companies choose to reduce the delivery of online advertising, turned into a line under the brand building. In brand building, please read

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