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‘s big data is aimed at data marketing: what do you need data to do? Marketing, transformation. How to improve data conversion, enhance trust and loyalty?. How to enhance trust, professional and interactive?. In fact, before the advent of the concept of big data, such business logic has long existed, one of the key links is the relationship maintenance and data mining of registered users. If you take note, you will find that the service segment of registered users is the difference between 360 and Tencent, and the gap between Samsung and apple is the distinction between excellence and excellence.

, if you experience it, we can find: from the user registration service links, we can see that 360 can not replace Tencent, Samsung can replace NOKIA, but can not become an apple. Those excellent companies, such as apple and Google, have achieved the ultimate goal in attracting users to register and register user services.

, let’s first look at the service of registered users from the point of view of mobile phone usage.

two years ago, a mother described her daughter’s loss of a iPhone. She was so sad when she lost her cell phone. Her mother bought a iPhone for her to comfort her. When she saw that icloud had helped her retrieve her contacts and applications, she was much happier – Apple couldn’t give you a mobile phone, but Apple could let you have an exact iphone. This is solved with a registered user system using icloud cloud services.

Apple’s iPhone registered user system is like this:

Chinese users must be registered in order to activate the system.

when did user record, communication mail, photos, files can be backed up by icloud.

when did all this is simple and reliable.

Google’s Android system also implements a similar function, through the Gmail you can manage the address book, APP. Unfortunately whether Samsung, SONY, Lenovo, HUAWEI, or domestic millet, almost all castrated cloud sync Google original, with their poor system to replace — this is behind the commercial interests, especially the application of the market. The result is that a person can own two of the same iPhone, but never have two Android phones.

to HUAWEI, for example, HUAWEI’s HUAWEI cloud services cloud platform from the architecture is equipped with Apple’s icloud function, but from the HUAWEI cloud service availability point of view, basically do not have availability. This in itself represents a logic for mobile phone vendors: hardware is good, and the services of registered users are free, since they are free of charge. Thus, we found that almost all the data synchronization of Android mobile phones, Tencent are quietly learning Lei Feng".

in mobile phone manufacturers have invested huge R & D funding, promotion funds, competition hard

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