Tourism community is not dead the door plus community or into a breakthrough model

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[i] Baidu, Alibaba, black guide Tencent to increase attention and investment in online travel; Ctrip, eLong has successfully listed in the United States, where has started listing application documents to the SEC; iResearch 2013 second quarter online travel market report: 2013 China online travel market transactions reached 50 billion 900 million yuan; 2012 release of "2011-2012 China online travel vacation Market Research Report" forecast: 2013 online travel transaction scale will be expanded to 2200 to 230 billion yuan. With the expansion of the market scale, the entry of the Internet giant and the gradual support of the government policy, the online travel market will continue to develop in the short term.


is a veteran in the field of online travel, tourism products, although still heavy online tourism projects, but the profitability is relatively weak, according to the user’s own advantages to expand community commercial value, the aura is not those OTA products so bright, attracted much attention. With the successful listing of Ctrip and elong, the listing process has been stepped up, and the aura of the tourist community has been shrouded in a greater degree. There are even rumours that the tourist community has been dying. In this regard, the author believes that the tourism community is not dead, the development model of the community plus the door or in the community to maintain the value of the user less loss, the portal as a tool for product income.

travel communities are caught in the fog of death and are seen as

travel Raiders is the priority among priorities of the tourism community, forum, 8264 hornet’s nest, poor travel network community is a very large degree of attention for the exclusive travel raiders. As the core of the tourist community, the travel notes have become a hindrance to the development of the tourist community to a certain extent.

some people think that the tourism community tourism Raiders too "heavy", after several thousand travel Raiders copious and fluent post, while posting personal feelings have been through a combination of strategy, if the individual post spoken a little a bit serious, just because some viewers and personal thoughts and ideas of the author. They will not, for the impression and post post agreed ideal impression.


is the second look, if these lengthy personal attributes many travel Raiders in the community which spread, also not be able to meet greater Raiders reading for tourism chizhuhang swim comprehensive information needs, a longer length, no matter how writing process, no matter how wonderful. Posts are difficult to confidently claim to be a wonderful travel raiders. When these large length of Raiders value can not be taken seriously by the attention of tourists, and the reader "irrelevant" strategy is very heavy.

in addition, the information contained in the tour guide information is too cluttered for the community to use

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