Don’t let the list of members of the forum reveal your business secrets

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vjia launched a new website VANCL, when friends chatted with attention, at the same time we also found a forum. BBS is a good thing, you can gather popularity, online communication, activities, promotions, or members to share, communicate, and more likely to know the feedback of members. But don’t let your forum membership list reveal your business secrets. Look at the picture,

see from the picture, VANCL forum is very hot, posting daily users up to more than 1500. At the same time, we also found that his list of members is clearly listed, and try to click it, without registration, you can see.

is not difficult to figure out, 20 members per page, 9663 pages for 193260 members. In order to further confirm whether the members of the forum synchronize with the members of the website, I try to register a member. As a result, after the site has been registered, it is automatically displayed on the membership list. Well, let’s have a look at his membership registration yesterday. From page 33 to page 178, it is the registered member of the day, that is, 2900, we can calculate by 3000 members.

then, the current membership of VANCL clear in the head. We can according to the average consumption of 150 yuan per person per day, VANCL site turnover of around 450 thousand, according to the analysis of a Taobao shop in my friend’s clothing, in more than 50% of the profits, the gross margin of around 225 thousand websites vancl.

of course, there are other phone sales and other magazine subscriptions. Or other channels. But I have to say that the members of the forum list, we can probably understand the relevant information about vancl. Will it be a trade secret? It may not work for us, but for the industry, it is a good analysis report.

terrible when all the mobile phone number, mailbox, are displayed in the column, if people who have ulterior motives, the mailbox and mobile phone number will be collected down to use, the consequences……

, the forum he uses is the discuz version of Nt2.61, but the discuz forum can be used to screen the list of users. Perhaps the administrator did not vancl. Is it careless or intentional?. If you don’t want more information from your webmaster or want to reveal more of your information, I suggest you screen your membership list. We go again to see the travel community such as art dragon, the community of Cheng Cheng net, and the community of Dangdang, all won’t appear such kind of thing.

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